August Bayside Op Shop Tour Wrap Up

Monday, August 13, 2012

Last Saturdays Melbourne Bayside op shop tour proved that..  


Original 80's fashion is alive and well

 A Billabong gillet which I'm sure many op shoppers would love 

It IS still possible to find a designer bargain

 Jean Paul Gaultier clutch for $20

Just because a clothing piece is a designer label, doesn't mean it will suit you

DKNY Jacket, a bargain price of $6, but didn't come home with me

Sometimes, you'll find Glomesh bags in abundance

Three Glomesh bags in one op shop

You'll no doubt find lemons and grapefruits for sale


Brighton residents are obviously a well travelled bunch

 Where to go?  Take your pick!

Pretty household accessories can be found


You'll find cool shoes, although not always in your size


But sometimes, you'll find some frightful ones

 Yeti boot, fail

You really can expect the unexpected


A staff member's pet rabbit, perched on top of an op shop counter

 I see this African themed painted doorway, everytime I walk through
Brighton on the Bayside Op Shop Tour, isn't it great?

Some of my own finds for the day include..

Total cost for all of the above, $12

Did you go thrifting this weekend?  Would you like to brag about your finds with BragYourBestBuys contest and win prizes?

My next Melbourne Brighton Bayside Op Shop Tour is 6th October, if you'd like to come along?



AdinB said...

Looks like one great day and awesome things you got. I did go thrift shopping and freepiling the other day. :) Great finds!

Frugal Down Under said...

You didn't buy the JPG clutch?

I'm a big fan of JPG - he used to live in the block next door to me in Paris and was always super friendly and smiley. Whenever he said hello to me I would blush, mumble and walk faster. I was too awe struck to make conversation. Boo Hoo - Regrets Big Time :-(

nicole said...

ooh that looks like a fantastic haul!

Zoe said...

The rabbit is so cute! I love to see animals in shops!

I am visiting Melbourne from 26th October, initially for 5 days but will stay if I fall in love. Got any tips of where to visit or what to do?

Huli said...

oh man i love opshopping so much for all these reasons! i really should start bringing my camera shopping & make an album of all the things i didn't buy! i find the most outrageous & strange things some days :)

I Love To Op Shop said...

So annoyed i couldn't make this one, roll on October!

Unknown said...

This shop looks way cool! And I looks like total bargains! Hope to come to Melboune one day:)
If you ever come to Copenhagen, Denmark Erica - maybe you can check out my recycling project: It's an online guide to all the thrift and vintage shop in CPH. We have a pretty good culture for thrifting so it would be obvious to make one (in English) for all the tourists:)

btw - I really like your blog:)

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