Teaching Children a Recycled Craft

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Today, for the very first time, I set up a little recycled craft corner in a children's playcentre.  One of the craft activities on today's agenda, bracelets made from plastic water bottles, similar to these plastic bottle cuffs.  This bracelet, as seen below, was made by a beautiful 4yr old girl, and whilst I helped her, she made most of this by herself.

On a separate note, whilst flicking through my facebook feed this evening, my son stopped at an image ..

"Jellyfish" I say,
"No, its not Jellyfish, its plastic bags" he corrects me, and he is right.
"Yes, plastic bags, they shouldn't be in the sea"
"Because fish and turtles might eat them, and they'll get very sick"
"How do we get them (the plastic bags) out?"
"We need to fish them out with fishing nets, or use our hands, and this is why we have to be careful not to put plastic bags in the sea"

.... of course this conversation continues, but today, I'm left thinking, that as adults, we have so much to learn from children, but they, have a more important message to learn, from us.



Jenn-TheFadedDiary.com said...

Great idea with the plastic bottle bracelet! May have to try. Really like the image here with the "jellyfish". It's hard to understand why plastic bags are still being used so abundantly here in the states. And thanks fit your sweet comment on my blog outfit post! :)

Stacey said...

I loved seeing all the photos from the kids craft corner on Instagram! It all looked like so much fun! Those bracelets are very cute.

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