Cuff Pouch

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Saw these on pinterest today, from Upcycle Your Life.  Thought they'd be great to make using leftover cuffs from a shirt refashion?

Based on a tutorial found on Family Chic



Ahka Vintage said...

Very cute! I'm finding so much on pinterest that I'm loving!

Linda said...

not sure if I'll make these,too many irons in the fire already, but they are darn cute!!!

mispapelicos said...

How clever, ahhhhhhhhhhh

Patti said...

So clever! I could use one for my big-city trips, to tuck into a pocket.

Photosarah Crafts said...

I tried these out awhile back and are quite useful and really easy to make.

I made a couple to use with a bag I made from a button-down:

and I also used the leftover cuffs to make pockets that I sewed into a bag:

Chantelle Yianakis said...

so adorable.... really cute for tooth fairy pick ups

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