Thrifted Vietnamese Shirt Restyle

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A thrifted Asian collared shirt, made in Vietnam, purchased for $2.50 on my last op shop tour. As mentioned here, I did wonder what to do with the front tie buttons; they've stayed put.

Here's the shirt's refashion journey, to take it from an unflattering nondescript fit, to a cropped trim fit.

Whilst wearing the shirt in its original form, I marked where my shoulder finished using chalk, and cut

Removed pockets, and snipped off the bottom length  
(pockets will be used in a future project)

Snipped the ends off both sleeves...

..and used them to make a shoulder tag, for rolled sleeves.  Also using knotted tie's taken from the side on the original shirt design.
(also note in first pic, the dotted green line where I'd cut to size)

Shirt sleeves stitched back on, rolled and pinned

A little bit of shirring on the back

To help give a better fit on the waist

Close up of that lovely embroidery

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Megan from The Junk Wave said...

You are too clever! I am waiting until I am back to 55 kg before sending you shirts to refashion into wearable business cards....but the more time passes, the more I am loving the apron idea too.

AdinB said...

You did a great job on this one. It looks better now that the original look of the shirt. It fits better and that detail is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Nice job! I would have never though of it until now. Although I do love the original shape as well, what you've done is make it more flattering. Nice!

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

Great refashion! It looks so cute and current after your magical efforts : >

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