Bloggers Inspiring Fashion Trends?

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Years ago, BB (before blogs), one would admit that most of our fashion would be inspired after reading one or more of the top women's magazines nesting on the shelves of our local newsagents.  Trends would appear with celebrities endorsing fashion brands, and wearing the latest designer pieces.

Are those days diminishing, as print magazines are replaced by social media?  With the touch of a computer button (or computer screen), we are immersed into a whole new world of fashion inspiration, without the need to leave our home.  Coupled with the rise in the thrifty fashion movement, and increase in purchasing second-hand clothing, is there still a need to check current fashion trends?  It seems unnecessary considering current fashion would not be available in second-hand shops.

What I would say though readers, is that I'm not so sure that moving away from current designer and high street fashion, necessarily means you are avoiding trends altogether.  It has become apparent, that even in our online world, trends occur.  With an increased use of pinterest, we can create our own wardrobe wishlist pin-boards gathered from an array of online sources, whilst sat on our bottoms, drinking wine (or is that just me?!).


Bloggers are showing off their outfits, be it thrifty, or new, and we've certainly seen a fair share of similar outfit posts in recent years.  Surely the recent granny dress comeback as an example, is a result of thrifty bloggers finding their florals in second hand stores? 

Guilty as charged..

My own 'granny dress' refashion

Erica and Lauren's (of Honestly WTF blog) friendship bracelet tutorial in June last year caused such a stir in the blogging community, we saw the return of friendship bracelets worn on arms all over the online world.

DIY Friendship Bracelet c/o Honestly WTF

If we see a sudden surge in bleached denim shirts over the coming months, this might be due to Erica and Lauren's DIY Tie Dye Denim ..

DIY Tie Dye Denim c/o Honestly WTF

We've seen our fair share of DIY detachable collars over the past year, as per previous blog post here.

Wear The Canvas gives a comprehensive DIY detachable collar tutorial;

Image c/o Wear The Canvas

Everybody, Everywhere is site which brings fashion bloggers together to show their similar fashion pieces, as per the current topic.

"In the world of everyday-fashion, many of us have the same shirt, similar pants or style shoes. But just because we have the same items, doesn’t mean we have to look alike. Everybody, Everywear is a place to share your personal style and gain inspiration from fellow bloggers."

A snippet from Everybody Everywhere's 'Colored Pants' challenge..

The next Everybody Everywhere's challenge is Neon starting 12 June.

Whether it be thrift, or general fashion, it is interesting to think that fashion bloggers could be leading the way in clothing trends around the world.  If it is so, this makes fashion bloggers a particularly powerful marketing presence on the internet.  Some clothing brands are obviously aware of this, and approach successful bloggers to endorse their range, as a way to increase their customer base via a trusted, influential face on the internet.  

What do you think readers, do bloggers influence your fashion buys?  Are you seeing similar outfits worn across the internet as a result of online trends?  Do you still read fashion magazines, or are you content with what you find on the internet? 



Agy said...

I remember the friendship bracelets from school times. I do think that bloggers influence what we wear. If it looks good on real people (rather than thin and made-up models), it will look good on ordinary people like me!

Laura said...

I still enjoy reading fashion magazines, because I often find inspiration for my posts from them. (Be it a word or a picture.) I think that it's important for everyone to read a variety of mediums, though I have to agree that I get a lot of my information online now as opposed to in print.

But I do think bloggers are gaining a lot more influence as more and more people get smart phones and tablets. Very interesting topic Erica! Thanks, it got me thinking!

Anna said...

That denim shirt and collar are so cute. Your blog is always full of so many good ideas!

Anonymous said...

I am much more influenced by bloggers! I don't see images that reflect ME (over 50 chubby gal) or my lifestyle. Bloggers are such a diverse group that I can finfd looks or trends that will work for me.

Stacey said...

I still love reading fashion magazines, but I think I'm taking inspiration from bloggers more often these days. If I'm stumped for how to wear something I can just jump on google & find hundreds of examples! I also love seeing people who have a similar body type to me in different looks.

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