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Friday, May 4, 2012

The following, is an amusing guestpost written by Simon Bloomfield, a freelance writer, giving his take on fashion faux pas of the past.

From classic faux pas through to more recent horrors, there have always been trends that probably should stay forgotten. However, these fashion mistakes also act as useful reminders of when style can go horribly wrong. Reasons for these mistakes can range from everything from people wearing clothes that don’t suit their ages, to being worn with the wrong figures.

Sometimes they can be misguided, or just plain bizarre, or successful enough to become a craze without people perhaps realising how odd a style actually is. The following list represents some classic fashion faux pas, from past trends and perennial missteps, through to some more recently criticised items that should be consigned to the dumpbin of fashion history.

Past Trends and Classic Faux Pas

The 1960s and the 1970s were responsible for, among many other things, the rise of bellbottom trousers. Capable of making virtually everyone who wore them cringe in embarrassment when photographs come out, they rank somewhat above other fashion crimes like tie dye shirts as some of the worst things to come out of the decades. Fast forwarding to the 1980s and 1990s, misadventures with shoulder pads and parachute pants represent some of the most unfortunate examples of fashion gone wrong.

Other trends that seem to mysteriously persist over time include the odd habit of wearing sandals with socks. Frequently seen on beaches or around English towns, the sandals and socks style is one that might be comfortable for its wearers, but scores fairly lowly in terms of style points. The same problems apply for mixing black shoes with white socks, particularly as part of a formal outfit.

4 - Crocs
Part of more recent trends, crocs, or plastic holed flip flops, are still holding on with large numbers of the public. Aside from their apparent hygienic and exercise benefits, crocs are associated with loud, colour clashing styles and a distinct lack of cool that no amount of clever marketing can disguise. Definitely one to avoid.

Photograph c/o we heart it

5 - Oversize jeans
Long a favourite with teenage boys and older men who still behave like teenage boys, oversize jeans are a threat to both the wearer’s personal style and the tastes of others. Low hanging jeans are not recommended, either for impressing others or for most forms of walking.

6 - Jeggings
A blend of jeans and leggings, jeggings’ main appeal seems to lie with their name, rather than their impact. Not so much a fashion disaster per se as something that carries the potential to be misworn with different outfits, jeggings notoriety primarily seems to come from their improbable attempt to do two things at once, and achieve neither.


Photograph c/o Pretty Stylish London

7 - Ripped tights
Similar to jeggings in terms of trying to blend together different styles, in this case the ripped aesthetic of jeans with tights, these items more often look messy than stylish. One rip can also lead to several, and ripped tights do little to endear themselves to long term use beyond acting as a novelty item that’s more uncoordinated than stylishly decorated.

Laddered stockings at Alexander Wang A/W 2008
 Image c/o fashionising

Author Bio

Simon Bloomfield is a freelance copywriter specialising in the Fashion industry, currently writing for an ambitious startup company on women's fashion.

I'd love to hear your feedback readers, on your own fashion faux pas views.  From a personal perspective, I adore bell-bottoms and tie-dye, but agree wholeheartedly on the rest, especially crocs..

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my thrifty closet said...

I don't totally agree with Simon on his views on the fashion faux pus. I think there's no perfect style. Shoulder pads or bell bottoms don't mean fashion disasters. They only appear like disasters when some people who do not understand trends and what suits them, follow trends blindly for the sake of appearing fashionable. But I do agree that Cros are the ugliest things but I am guilty of buying them for my kids because they are so comfortable!


Agy said...

Oh, I definitely remember when Crocs first came over here. We were all thinking "are you sure?" but I think almost everyone has a pair now!!!

Anonymous said...

Agree!Agree!Agree!Agree! ...especially the crocs.

Charity Shop Chic said...

You can have my jeggings when you pry them from my cold dead hands! I am a bit slow on the uptake, having only discovered the merits of jeggings recently, and have not looked back since. They look like jeans but are more comfortable and very lightweight, and mimic the skinniest of cuts - what's not to love? OK, the elasticated waist is not great, but that's usually covered by whatever long top I'm wearing, so my jeggings secret is safe.

I'd also disagree with the socks and sandals thing... it depends very much on your socks, and of course your sandals. If you're a middle aged man with Jesus-sandals and work socks, then obviously not. But if you're a fashion blogger circa 2010 and your sandals are prada, you can probably get away with it.

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