Btl optical; recycled car part frame sunglasses

Sunday, April 8, 2012

One must admit, finding a decent pair of second hand sunglasses can be quite tricky. Most second hand shades, tend to come with scratched or loose lenses. So what does one do, to find a quality pair of recycled sunnies?

Last week, Sean Kennedy made contact via email, introducing his intriguing line of eco-friendly sunglasses with frames made from 100% recycled materials. Sean and his business partner Joshua Gilman's eco-venture goes by the name btl optical, which is currently seeking support as a Kickstarter project.

If all goes to plan, their first manufacturing run will be done with plastic parts made to be used in cars, that would otherwise go to waste. Btloptical's manufacturing and assembly will all be done in Los Angeles, by injection molding. The plastic parts will be ground up and heated for the injection molding process.

To start with, only black, gray, and ivory will be manufactured, although any colour can be produced. The current model incorporates lenses and recycled cardboard boxes which come from US companies, and hinges from a company in Italy. A pair of glasses will come in a pouch, which will be made from reused clothing. The future plans will be to make cases for the glasses out of reclaimed sheet metal.

The current designs resemble wayfarer style sunglasses, however, Sean tells me he is currently working on more designs.

For more information and pictures check out, and btloptical's kickstarter project

From a personal standpoint, any product made with material that may otherwise be doomed for landfill, gets a Recycled Fashion thumbs up!

What do you think readers? Do you like the idea recycled car part shades?


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Stacey said...

This is a pretty nifty idea! I'm definitely cool with the recycling of old car parts, and these glasses look awesome.

my thrifty closet said...

I think this is a prefect idea and looks really cool too!


Corina said...

That is awesome.

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