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Monday, March 26, 2012

Would someone else please buy these absolutely amazing jade green vintage heels, to stop me drooling unnecessarily over my computer?

Vintage 1940s Shoes : 40s Green Button Peep Toe Pumps

Vintage 1940s Shoes : 40s Green Button Peep Toe Pumps

Despite being a self-confessed second hand shoeaholic, these little beaut's are beyond gorgeous, but they are somewhat over my budget.

Do you buy second-hand shoes, or do you prefer to buy new? What is your shoe budget?



Anonymous said...

Oh I would happily buy them they are in my fav colour but alas not my size.
I don't mind a secondhand pair of shoes, at all.

my thrifty closet said...

I would buy second shoes but cautiously because shoes usually don't keep well. In the past, I have thrifted a few pair of shoes that have the soles falling off and the leather peeling after a few wears. So now, I am very careful in selecting the right ones. That green shoes is beautiful.


Daffodil said...

I am very selective over second hand shoes. I have more than my fair share, mind you. But anything that looks remotely worn does not show up in my closet. Shoe repairs can take the monetary shine off of any second hand shoe purchase.

If those green shoes were my size, I would snap them up pretty quickly.

Stacey said...

These shoes are beautiful! I often find it hard to come across second-hand shoes in my size, but that's probably just because I'm a pretty average shoe size & that makes the competition more fierce, lol. I wish I had tiny little feet so that I could fit all the awesome second-hand shoes I've come across. I will forever mourn the turquoise go-go boots that were two sizes too small.

rachel @ idlepines said...

I haven't bought new shoes for a few years now: most of the 2nd hand shoes I've thrifted with a couple from eBay. Shoes from opshops I've gotten for as cheap as 20c to as dear as $10-15 for leather near new shoes.

Patti said...

I often buy second-hand shoes! I just wipe them well with a disinfectant. These green shoes are divine - I am so glad they don't fit me : >

Unknown said...

Wow @Miss Peregrin turquoise go-go boots?!!

@Daffodil @My thrifty closet you're right with regard to shoe repairs, having said that, I find that vintage shoes (made prior to 1980's) tend to last longer?

@Rachel 20c shoes? That's a bargain!

@Patti *sigh* I wish these shoes didn't fit me, can't stop thinking about them!

twobutterflies said...

those shoes are amazing - unfortunately, over my budget too

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