Guest Post - How to Make Fashionable Clothes Last Longer

Monday, March 26, 2012

This following guest post is written by Alex from Zando; women's fashion online. Alex raises important thoughts on ways we can choose our fashion pieces, which may well reduce our need to buy clothes so often.

How to Make Fashionable Clothes Last Longer

It can be tricky trying to keep up with fashion. Just as soon as you fill your wardrobe with all the latest fashionable items, you find the fashion world has moved on and nothing you have is ‘in’ anymore.

Clearly, this situation isn’t good for your bank balance or for the environment. So when you want to be environmentally responsible, but still look good, and up to date, what’s a girl (or boy) to do?

Well, fortunately there are ways you can avoid the ephemera and make sure the fashionable items you buy can last. Here’s how:

Be selective in what you buy

Never buy on impulse – this way of shopping is responsible for a multitude of clothing sins. Reserve your funds for those fashionable items you know you will wear and will look good on you.

Lots of people tend to buy fashionable items simply because they’re in fashion, without considering whether they’re ideal for them or not. Fashionable items will always last longer if you truly like them and look good in them.

By cutting down on your purchases and spending money only on those items that really work for you, you’ll buy less and get more use and more enjoyment out of the items you do buy... Be honest, how many cute tops do you have that you’ve not worn more than once or twice? Quite.

Get a staple range of classic clothes

Many fashionable items are ‘in’ for much longer periods of time than other more transient items. Take the famous little black dress for example. This will never go out of fashion because it comes in so many designs and styles and it looks good on pretty much every woman (providing they find the right style for them).

It just takes a little bit of thought to realize which must have fashion items are short lived fads and which are truly great items of clothing.

Plan your wardrobe so you have some classically fashionable items you can interchange with one another. Think about every area – from tops to trousers to jumpers and so on. You can then buy a few more currently fashionable items to wear with your classically fashionable pieces, to get the best of both worlds.


Many people make the mistake of thinking that keeping up with fashion is an expensive pastime. It certainly can be, but it can also be much easier to manage if you follow the suggestions given above.

If consumers could all join together and stop buying the more superficial fashion items in favor of sticking to the classics that last we could save so much wastage and I’m sure we would all have nicer wardrobes too!

With a little time and practice you can step out every single day looking fashionable and stunning, and yet you know you won’t have spent a fortune on your clothes. You also know you won’t be going out buying new ones every weekend, because you will know the secret to being fashionable and making your clothes last.

Thank you Alex, for your insightful blog post.



my thrifty closet said...

interesting post! I don't usually buy the lastest thing in the shop. They don't have them in the thrift store anyway. Great tips!


single wardrobe said...

great tips! Thanks for taking the time to post this.

Andee@Textile Recycling said...

If only impulsive buyers should think twice or even many times before buying new clothes, then they would have learned to customize their old clothes. As simple as it can be, shopping only means "getting new ideas" and not necessary to buy them abruptly. Well, this would be true for thrifty people though.

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