Recycled Fashion Finds #34

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday! What a joy to see so many new bloggers in last weeks Recycled Fashion Finds.

Agy's refashioned shorts with polka dots!


Her dots were made tracing around googly eyes!


Amber's muumuu from savers, made into a top for herself, and a halter dress for her little girl.

OrloSubito's sweater to vest refashion..

Lisa's dress she made for her niece, was a ladies skirt in a former life

And look at Adin's stunning pink dress, thrifted for just $1!

There are more link up's from last week right here.

Would you like to participate in Recycled Fashion Finds this week? Why, thank you! Click here for the rules, and don't forget to grab yourself a Recycled Fashion Finds blog badge for your blog post or side bar. Thanks readers!

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liz said...

thanks for hosting!

i found an older link, but your badge link above is all wonky

my thrifty closet said...

what fun projects. Always enjoy seeing what others are doing! Thanks for hosting!


Rebma said...

Cool! I also love seeing what other people are doing with their creativity. :)

Thanks to this awesome lady(mongs) ^ above me ^ for sharing this blog with me. :)

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

I love looking at the little girls' dresses, so adorable! Thanks for hosting, have a wonderful weekend.

AdinB said...

Thank you for hosting! :) I too love to watch other people's creativity. :) Mine is up!

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