Petticoat from a slip and cushion cover

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lots of petticoats and underskirts have been circling the net recently, with DIY versions seen here, and here. Petticoats give volume and interest to otherwise ordinary skirts.

I've made my own petticoat, using a slip and a frilly cushion cover purchased from the op shop. Slip $2, the cushion cover was sitting in a bag out the back of the op shop, deemed as unsellable. I gave the op shop 50c for it!

First up, I cut the slip to an appropriate skirt shape,
there are two pieces of fabric here..

I cut the cushion cover into strips, leaving the frilly bit for the bottom hem. I serged (overlocked) the edges of all strips to prevent fray.

I did not have enough strips to completely fill the skirt, but that's Ok because only the bottom 1/4 is seen.

Included elastic band casing at the top, and serged (overlocked) each side of the skirt together..

Petticoat worn under skirt, notice how it goes volume?

And if gallivanting around! here's what you see..

Head chopped off, as we had to remain anonymous during Robin's Project Upcycled contest, of which this is my second to last entry. Now that I've made it to the finals, my final entry does not need to be anonymous, so pop back to tomorrow to check out my final entry (and vote if you like it!)



Patti said...

I love a frilly slip - and this one is wonderful. Great work!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

This project is so gorgeous - too gorgeous to hide under a skirt!! You KNOW I would just have to wear it as a skirt don't you? xo

my thrifty closet said...

very cute! I may just copy this fabulous idea!


Helen @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog said...

This is really creative! I love it!

Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

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