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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pinterest, the vision based web bookmark sharing website, has broken all records as the fastest growing stand alone website ever, more on that report here.

Trying to explain pinterest to someone unknown of this social media almost-overnight success, one might suggest an online pinboard, on which one would bookmark and save ( 'pin' ) articles or images of interest found on the worldwide web, then organise pinned images by theme or topic. I am fond of Lakota's take on pinterest, in her blog posts Not Pinterested I quote: "the website more addictive than watching the X Factor with your crack-pipe and a tube of Pringles" *Lakota, quite right!

My colleagues at Refashion Co-op introduced me to pinterest last year, and it didn't take too long to get hooked on pinning pretty pictures, recipes, sewing projects, funny quotes from around the net, and so on.

Pinterest can be a little bit of a time waster, a way to think we're being creative and interesting but the reality is far from it, we're sitting on our backsides, with our eyes fixed to a computer screen - nothing creative or interesting about that? Have I traveled to any beautiful new travel destinations I've pinned recently? no. Have I replicated any pinned outfit ideas? no. Repeated pinned motivational phrases to anyone? no.

However, there are times when a pinned image relating to a project of awesomeness really inspires one to step away from the computer, and try out something new. Of all the hundreds of pins on my pinterest board, I can say I have tried a handful of recipes, and about a dozen craft projects..well, it's a start.

Pins this week:


nice dress for inspiration

Strawberry Mango Salsa

Strawberry and mango salsa recipe to try

:) wine barrel turned into dog house.

Wine barrel turned dog house.. to look at!

window and scarves, beautiful red, orange, yellow
Colour/travel inspiration

soda can brooch tutorial
Soda can brooch tutorial to try

Just for fun!

Are you hooked on pinterest? Do you find it pinteresting? or time waster?



christina eng hauge said...

I am hooked!! Love it! And i love following you there :)

Have a nice weekend :)

Anonymous said...

I posed a very similar question on my blog a while back. But to answer your question, I am on Pinterest. However I have spent very little time on there, none of my boards are full. I probably log on to Pinterest once every few week. But I do tend to feel that if too muchb time is spent on there, personal creativity is stifled.

Stacey said...

I am completely addicted to Pinterest, but I only let myself go on there once or twice a week, or when I'm looking for an idea for something in particular. I learned my lesson after a few days of it sucking up all my spare time, haha!

Frugal Down Under said...

I've joined pinterest about 2 weeks ago but not hooked. I guess it's a good place to keep your inspirations instead of your favourites bar. Blogger is still my 2 hours a day time eater.

Craftcherry said...

I'm on pinterest all the time. I've actually tired quite a few of the ideas I've found. I've found it's fantastic for organizing my party ideas. It actually helped ease the stress of putting together the last two birthday parties I put together for my boys!

Anonymous said...

I love Pinterest! When i was wedding planning, it was so useful to save every idea I liked when I was browsing through countless wedding blogs. Then when I felt myself losing vision of what I wanted, I went back to what I'd pinned to remind myself of what my "style" was.

I'm about to move house so I'm about to do the same thing with home decorating

Lavender said...

I am so glad you're writing about this. Friends convinced me to try it a while back. And I scoffed, saying it was a waste of time, only there to make people want to consume stuff. But I joined anyway. Put up a few boards. Use it for sewing inspiration. A casual place to gather ideas for a home (we rent). I'll continue to use it, but I refuse to become addicted! My initial reaction holds true to an extent. I guess it's all in what you make of it, and I just want it to be a personal random idea catcher. Not an endless magazine to sift through, ya know. The linking to fb is another topic.... don't we get enough of each other ;)

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