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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Readers, I have a guest post for you, by Brittany M Rose, the owner of New York based RosMari Brand, an independent clothing company. She shares with us, a tutorial to upcycle clothing by hand painting. Take it away Brit!

Hello everyone! My name is Brittany M Rose. I take somewhat uninteresting clothing and upcycle it into something fun and fashionable! One of my favorite techniques is to hand paint on clothing. I was asked to give you guys a little incite on how to do this so you can take your plain clothing and make it into something one of a kind and interesting!

Starting from the very beginning I do some thrift shopping for clothing. When choosing pieces, I take into consideration the fabric type, size, and whether or not it has any previous design to it. For example, I will choose a large, plain, cotton and spandex blend tee shirt over an extra small chiffon patterned top with ruffles.

The reason I choose the cotton tee is because it gives me more of a blank canvas to make it into my own design. Also, a cotton/spandex fabric is easier to fit because it’s simply much more versatile for most people. I will then check for stains and if there aren’t any, I make my purchase and launder the item as directed.

After it’s dry I will usually cut it up and do some sort of asymmetrical sewing because that’s my style. You don’t have to do this if you would rather have a simpler design.

The paint I use is Tulip brand fabric paint. It tends to be a bit softer then just an acrylic paint.

I have a certain design I have been working with for my spring collection, however; you are free to do any sort of design you like. In my opinion there is no wrong way to paint, just go with your heart. Whether it’s an abstract design, a simple tree or branch, or pretty much anything else you can create. I tend to stay towards abstract looks or branches. I don’t claim to be an expert painter, but I love looks that are very different from the “norm.”

After the paint dries completely, the next step is to heat set it. In order to do this, simply turn the iron on the correct setting for the type of fabric you are painting on. Then turn the piece inside out and place the iron on the backside of the area you painted. Put some pressure on the iron and slowly rub the entire painted area for about 20 seconds. If you use Tulip brand fabric paint, this step is not super important because it’s really good paint. However, be sure to wait at least 72 hours before laundering the item again.

If you are using a different brand of paint, feel free to keep applying heat and pressure until you feel confident it is enough. Usually, with fabric paint you will have no problem at all with it wearing off during laundering. I do suggest however that for the first wash after painting, turn the item inside out just as a precaution.

That’s it! It’s pretty simple and now you have a fun, one of a kind, item!

A bit about me, Brit M Rose:

I started designing and sewing at a young age and I always loved everything about fashion. As I got older I realized my passion for it and decided to make my dream a reality by starting my own clothing brand. The name RosMari Brand is derived from my late grandmother, Rose Marie Rose. My middle name is also Marie so it all just made sense to me to call my business RosMari Brand.

I have not had proper training or schooling other than a couple online courses on the basics of dressmaking and design. If I’m not sewing or creating, I am usually still thinking about my next project while wandering outside, going to a hockey game, or spending time with my family, friends, and my dog named Mama.

You can find Brit on her etsy shop, facebook, her blog and on twitter.

Thank you Brit!



RosMari Brand said...

Thanks so much! It looks great! :D I hope lots of people will try this out!

Ms. Mimi Fox said...

Love this girl! So Cool!

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