Broken Plate Necklaces

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Readers, do you remember last year, we spoke of upcycled ceramic jewellery? Well, I can barely take my eyes away from Laura Beth Love's broken plate necklaces, introduced via Recyclart yesterday...

Broken china jewelry necklace antique sweet bluebirds made from a broken plate

Broken china jewelry necklace vintage pink rose china made from a broken plate

Broken china jewelry pendant necklace rose porcelain square antique china

Broken china jewelry shard pendant necklace vintage blue willow made from a broken plate

More here

Inspiring, yes? How easy/difficult would they be to make?



Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

Beautiful! I went to Laura Beth's site and have my eyes on a lovely heart necklace, featuring roses.

Stacey said...

Gorgeous! This is such a unique idea - I'm off to check Laura Beth's site out now.

Corina said...

I'd like to know that answer to that too. If you find a tutorial be sure to post it!

MooBear Designs said...

You never look at that broken china plate the same hehe... I found these guys through Frankie a few years ago. I think you like that they still have the plate in tact which is just incredible

I would think ceramic jewelery from plates would be much like glass cutting (which gives me the heeby geebies) but I found this tutorial which you could alter to look like it was once a ceramic plate

Recycling is so freaking awesome!

Unknown said...

@Stephanie wow what great links on pinterest, thank you for that!! Glass cutting, much like nails on a blackboard??!

Agy said...

Lovely necklaces! Popping over to her site now!

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