Resolutions and Clothing Budgets

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

With 2011 behind us, and we start a new year, a collection of New Year's resolutions are being announced and noted down across the internet. Individuals are telling themselves to cut down on junk food, exercise more often, buy local produce, learn a new skill, a new language, read more books, spend more time with the family etc, etc.
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From a personal view point, I have never given myself a New Year resolution, although I do like the idea of setting oneself a goal for the year.

Reading Frugal Down Under's blog post; Australian Women Spend $3000 a Year On Clothes!, it does make one think how much we spend on clothing and accessories each year. As Stephanie rightly says, we are not all average, and not all of us spend $3000 a year on clothing.

I have not kept a tally of my clothing expenditure for the 2011, but I daresay it would have been less than 10% of the aforementioned average, with much of that spent on fabric, and thrifted pieces.

Therefore tying in with 2012 goals and resolutions, my goal will be to stick to a clothing budget of $300 for the year, and no more.


How much would you say you spent on clothing per year? Do you have any New Year resolutions or budget restraints for clothing purchases this year?



Corina said...

I wonder what the number is for american women? Whatever it is I probably don't come close either. My closet almost exclusively thrifted and handmade.

Dogstar Bazaar said...

Keeping a budget so I know where my money goes would probably be one of the most useful things i could do. I think food is my biggest concern - The quick trips to woolworths, the odd coffee, sushi... I bet it all mounts up.
I'd be below average on clothes though due to similar op shop habits.

Anonymous said...

I would be below average too, with my thrifty habits. But I am now tempted to keep a tally to see where I come in.

Stitchybritt said...

Are you serious? Who spends that much money on clothes? I'm pretty sure my clothing expenditure would have been closer to yours, Erica, and that would include underwear and shoes. I'm probably going to make most of my clothes this year, and even then I don't really need any - I have a pretty full wardrobe!

my thrifty closet said...

that's a very good goal. I hope to cut down on purchases too. But haven't set a specific goal. Hope to see more of your creative works and inspiring posts. Happy new year!


snippa said...

I'm tempted to keep a tally too. I like to think I don't spend alot on clothes but I'm curious what the figure is.

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

I don't know my number, but I know it is less than $3K! I shop in consignments and thrifts for most clothing, but I do occasionally splurge for a piece I really love, or a great pair of boots : >

Unknown said...

I reckon I would come close to half that amount - if I included the clothes for my two sons (5 & 7) and their father! And then only because the 7yo is VERY hard on shoes. My hubby is still wearing a pair of leather boots that he has had since probably high school (finished in 1988), and looking through the boys photos they are still wearing shorts & tshirts from 3 years ago or longer (OK, some of the shorts used to be trousers, and some of the tshirts are on the 2nd child - usually after having been bought at the OP Shop in the first place - but still). Little boys can get away with patched knees - it looks quite cute.
Might try to keep track of it all this year. I could get a surprise.

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