Opportunity (Shop) Holidays

Friday, December 30, 2011

On a recent week getaway to Victoria’s Gippsland coast, I couldn’t help but notice a selection of opportunity shops worth a look. Gippsland’s coastal towns are tiny, yet scattered with second hand treasure shops nestled in-between general stores, post offices, newsagents and petrol stations.

I have to admit, op-shopping was not on my agenda during this little break, but it did give me reason to consider a little web research for a future holiday. Note to self: Google “op shops” or “trash and treasure markets” in town names of holiday destination, for a list of potential thrifty vacation spots.

Readers, when you plan your vacation, do you investigate your potential holiday thrift store territory in advance, do you prefer the spontaneity of discovering a possible thrifty goldmine at your holiday destination, or do you perhaps avoid thrift shopping altogether whilst on your holidays?

Have you stumbled upon a second-hand treasure on your holiday? Perhaps an antique in a mountain resort shop, a vintage dress in a costal town opportunity shop, a second-hand designer piece in a city consignment store, or an entire outfit from a flea market in the country? Do tell!


Recycled Fashion Finds #27

Friday, December 23, 2011

Have you been thrifting or making any fashion items lately? Would you like to participate in the last Recycled Fashion Finds of the year? That would be nice! Submit your link below. Click here for the rules, and don't forget to grab yourself a Recycled Fashion Finds blog badge for your blog post or side bar. Thanks readers!

Recycled Fashion


Pucci Crop Top

Thursday, December 22, 2011

As mentioned in yesterday's blog post, the Pucci-style fabric top is complete.

Such an adorable piece of material, which cost less than a dollar in the op shop, but was limited in size. It may have been enough to make a bag, but with a print like that, it would be a shame not to create a wearable garment, I'm sure you'll agree?

I used the top half of a 60's Simplicity 5132 dress pattern that Mr RF found at the side of the road, and created a 1960's or perhaps more 1990's crop top?

Crop top's are not my bag at all, perhaps my former 21yr old self would, but my 30something self would not dare show a bare midriff (motherhood partly to blame) However, I do like that I can wear a plain black vest underneath the pucci crop, which perhaps emphasises that psychedelic blue print even more.

Flower headband, gifted by the lovely Desiree

Whilst browsing Pucci prints online, I found this Pucci dress worn by Nicole Richie in 1997:

Nicole Richie's Emilio Pucci Sleeveless High-Neck Dress, $1,070

My cropped top version, for less than a dollar

Question readers, would you wear a crop top with bare midriff in your 30's, 40's +?


Work In Progress

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pucci-style fabric for less than a dollar from my local Parish op shop + dress pattern from the side of the road.

I do not have enough fabric to make an entire dress, but what I will make, is something a lot smaller. It's almost there, hopefully readers, I can show you tomorrow..


Fashion Designers’ Christmas Trees for Charity

Créateurs (Fashion Designers’ Christmas Trees) assembled a lovely bunch of trees, ranging from the classic to the more conceptual. Thirty trees signed by designers, artists, brand names and visual artists (Jean-Paul Gaultier, Chantal Thomass, Les Garçons, Dries Van Noten, Chanel, Rachid Khimoune, Dior, Sonia Rykiel, Ali Mahdavi, Diane Von Furstenberg and Olivia Putman…)
illuminated the great hall in the Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild in Paris.

Each designer expressed their idea of Christmas with signature trees such as:

- Christmasworld by Jean-Paul Gaultier, a trompe-l’œil Christmas tree entirely decorated with green fringes, created especially for the occasion, a nod to the large black fringes that are a recurring detail in his Couture and ready-to-wear collections

- the saucy tree from Chantal Thomass for Texworld and its mannequin legs dressed by way of decoration in black silk,

- or the delicate and immaculate branches, embroidered in tulle, beads, lace and eco-friendly fabrics, which the students at Esmod created for the Ethical Fashion Show under the guidance of Christian Tournafol, the designer for the label Les Racines du Ciel.

Louis Gérin and Grégory Lamaud, Artistic Directors at Texworld, presented a tree for their label Les Garçons, which was made in a wood structure composed of hunting trophies and decorated with golden apples, with a hint of autumn.

The Christmas trees for Texworld, the Ethical Fashion Show and “Les Garçons” were sold at auction with the proceeds donated to the A.V.E.C. society established by professor Khayat. The auction was conducted by Maître Poulain. Thanks to the generosity of buyers 72 100 Euros were
collected and this sum will be invested in a new day care centre for cancer patients.

Christmasworld show held in Frankfurt from 27 to 31 January 2012. Exhibitors and visitors will be invited to take part in a raffle and the lucky winner will be awarded this beautiful green tree from the French designer.

Messe Frankfurt is Germany’s leading fair trade organiser, more information here


All Hail the Bowling Shoe

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nothing beats a trip to the bowling alley, not necessarily for a game of ten pins, but with the chance to wear nerdy red and blue footwear that we exchange our shoes for at the counter.

All Hail the Bowling Shoe.


A mix of practicality, comfort, and geekery, would you wear a pair of bowling shoes as every day wear? I certainly would.

Perhaps readers, this is what attracted my attention to a pair of bowling-esque shoes in Salvos last winter. Terrific. $6.

online stalking for vintage bowling shoes >

Adorable Vintage Toddler Bowling Shoes (Vintage Size 6)
LinkAdorable Vintage Toddler Bowling Shoes (Vintage Size 6)

$10 from ladypatience

Vintage 1980s Nike Blue Bowling Shoes Women's 7 1/2Vintage 1980s Nike Blue Bowling Shoes Women's 7 1/2

Women's Bowling Shoes size 7
Women's Bowling Shoes

$38 from ReUnited

Vintage Mens AMF Leather Bowling Shoe Size 8
$39.99 from AlenaJane

Am I alone in my love for the bowling shoe?


DIY Collars

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December 2010, Urban Outfitters blog introduced us to DIY bling collars, showing us how to make our own using an existing collar from a jacket as a template;Link
Decorative Collar

Image c/o Urban Outfitters

OutsaPop Trashion introduced us to bling collars sold by Eleven Project,
priced in the region of $250 +, but suggests a DIY version;

Wear The Canvas gives us another comprehensive DIY detachable collar tutorial;

Image c/o Wear The Canvas

And lastly, Geneva at A Pair & a Spare made her own tribal print version, by simply using an unwanted collar from a thrift dress refashion

What are your thoughts on the detachable collar? Yay, or nay?


Second hand swimwear?

Monday, December 12, 2011

How beautiful is this 1950's Swimsuit....

Vintage 1950s Make A Splash Swimsuit

Vintage 1950s Make A Splash Swimsuit

$62 from Very Vintage

But I wonder, what is the etiquette of buying second hand swimwear? Would it fall into the category of second-hand underwear, and therefore a big no-no, or is swimwear somehow void of such stigma? Would you buy second hand swimwear?


Siamese Dream Design

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Once in a while, I am introduced to an ethical clothing brand, which really sparks an interest, and right now that is Siamese Dream Design.

Siamese Dream Design are a mother daughter team who have lived and traveled in Asia for many years. Barbara and Amy are designing new unique products incorporating fascinating tribal and silk textiles from the Chang Mai region. They enjoy working with the indigenous people in the area, helping enable them to preserve their cultural traditions while providing a sustainable income for their families. You can read more on Siamese Dream Design here

Not only are they doing good with their work, but I must show you some of their wonderful shoes which have been made using re-purposed Loation and Hmong textiles.

These stunning boots almost have me craving for winter. They are so much brighter and more colourful that you're average well-known branded fluffy boot don't you think?

Dakota In Pueblo

EUR 39 

Dakota in Bright Orange & Pink

Sizes EUR 38.5, and EUR 42

Katiyana in Akha Primary

Available in sizes EUR 37, 38, 39, 40, 42

Readers, if like I, you are currently residing in the Southern Hemisphere where it is too warm for boots, fear not, for Siamese Dream Design also sell beautiful re-purposed Hmong textile sandals too.

Colorful Gladiator Sandals In Hmong Embroidery & Indigo Batik

Available in sizes EUR 36, 37.5, 38.5 & 40

Isadora Colorful Embroidered Gladiator Sandals

Available in sizes EUR 37, 37.5, 38.5, 40 

Guess what's on my gift list for this year?


Guest Post on Kanelstrand

Let me link you through to a blog post I have written for Kanelstrand. A step-by-step guide on how to make a pretty cuff from a plastic bottle.

"And here's one I made earlier" ....:)

Kanalstrand is a beautifully written Scandinavian blog, that I would recommend to anyone interested in eco and organic living, green crafts, natural health, and nature.


Recycled Fashion Finds #26

Friday, December 9, 2011

Last week's Refashion Finds link up included Louise from OPSHOPPED's dinosaur vest, using an op-shopped vest for $5, adding some green fabric, stuffing and safety pins...



What a fun dress up outfit, this is absolutely on the list to do for Junior Recycled Fashion...

Would you like to participate in Recycled Fashion Finds this week? That would be nice! Submit your link below. Click here for the rules, and don't forget to grab yourself a Recycled Fashion Finds blog badge for your blog post or side bar. Thanks readers!

Recycled Fashion


Festively Ethical Purchases

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Frugality and ethical living can be stretched somewhat during the festive season, with a constant bombardment of advertisements pushing us toward buying new from retail shops.

Do you find that you let your guard down somewhat with your thrift ways during the holiday season, or do you stick to your ideals, and continue to buy second-hand and recycled gifts for your loved ones? Perhaps you make your own gifts, buy handmade or locally produced goods?

Image c/o weheartit

In your opinion, what is the most ethical way to purchase for the festive period?