Second hand swimwear?

Monday, December 12, 2011

How beautiful is this 1950's Swimsuit....

Vintage 1950s Make A Splash Swimsuit

Vintage 1950s Make A Splash Swimsuit

$62 from Very Vintage

But I wonder, what is the etiquette of buying second hand swimwear? Would it fall into the category of second-hand underwear, and therefore a big no-no, or is swimwear somehow void of such stigma? Would you buy second hand swimwear?



b and e said...

I dunno. If It was true vintage and awesome - yes, but I would give it a good hot wash first! but otherwise I would rather a new one.

I love the background in this photo too. Interesting Idea!

Nice blog!




Patti said...

Looks like 50-50 so far. I voted no, the squick factor is a bit too high for me with swimwear. I do love the look of a vintage suit though, so I'd go with a modern re-working of it.

Ahka Vintage said...

I really have to draw the line here... it slots into the underwear category for me!
Ahka Vintage Blog

Anonymous said...

Of course it's like underwear, but the one I got was just so amazing I couldn't leave it. You can always wear it outside the pool and with a little something underneath.
It's sad to leave unused garments to the landfills as well. There is so much amazing stuff that has never been worn!
Check out my blog - maybe I'll post the pics of me bathing between icebergs in my 60s hyperdelic bething suit!

snippa said...

To be blunt - if the crotch was clean I'd have no problem.

my thrifty closet said...

for me I think it's a hygiene issue. And I seriously doubt that the swim suit can last.


Frugal Down Under said...

A very good clean with a little bleach or other disenfectant plus 2 washes in the washing machine. A dry in the sunshine inside out. And voila nice clean bathers.

Who's to say that second hand skirt, dress or trousers you purchased was worn with undies? What about those vintage bed sheets we all love??? People made all kinds of love on those. Also those hotel beds we sleep in...

Yes I would buy them and wear them. Everything can be cleaned. Sometimes I pop things in the freezer too to kill off any bugs.

Rachel said...

That's beautiful! I picked up a vintage suit years ago but alas it is all done now

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I definitely wear second-hand swimwear. I always wash first and I really like Frugal's idea of popping it in the freezer overnight. Might do that next time:) xo

NessaKnits said...

Yes to buying, no to wearing!

Anda denayu said...

that vintage swimwear were totally cute !
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Rachel Marie said...

Unless the garment is mint condition, never worn, I would not buy vintage lingerie or swimwear. It just seems sort of icky to me. Like when I go to Goodwill and see the rows of bras and underwear. EEEK!

Isis said...

i can't decide!!

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