Reincarnate old sweaters

Monday, December 5, 2011

Woollen sweaters or jumpers have a tendency to shrink if washed in hot water. There are many creative ways to turn shrunken woolens into something more desirable, rather than dismiss them to the bin.

Unwanted wool garments can be purposely shrunk (felted) for use in craft related projects. There is an interesting article published here as to the reason why wool felts, and many online tutorials providing guidelines of how to felt, such as here, and here. Craftgossip, has a website solely dedicated to felt craft, where contributors submit their felted craft projects.

There are books published on DIY felting projects, such as Lizzie Houghton's 'Felting Fashion' and 'Creative Felting'. Lizzie also offers felting workshops in Leytonstone, UK.

Image c/o Lizzie Houghton

Tonya Utkina creates gorgeous hand-felted pieces such as


And one of her new creations, based on the shape of a Ginko leaf..

Barbra from AllAboutTheButtons sells upcycled felted sweater wool cuffs..

Felted Button Cuff, $6.84

Pink Gray Wool Cuff, $8.70

A friend, and blogger at Love.Make.Think used a thrifted jumper to make a felted mitten ...

and some jumper sleeve stockings...

Amy Jo of Little Moments also made some sweater mittens as seen on Refashion co-op...

What do you do with your old shrunken sweaters?



snippa said...

I made some hats from sweaters - here's the posts on my blog

Wag Doll said...

Oh I love the blue lace trimmed mitts!

OrloSubito said...

Nice post
recently I made, some porject using old sweaters:

Barbra said...

Thanks so much for the shout out!♥

Barbra said...

Thanks so much for the shout out!♥

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