Opportunity (Shop) Holidays

Friday, December 30, 2011

On a recent week getaway to Victoria’s Gippsland coast, I couldn’t help but notice a selection of opportunity shops worth a look. Gippsland’s coastal towns are tiny, yet scattered with second hand treasure shops nestled in-between general stores, post offices, newsagents and petrol stations.

I have to admit, op-shopping was not on my agenda during this little break, but it did give me reason to consider a little web research for a future holiday. Note to self: Google “op shops” or “trash and treasure markets” in town names of holiday destination, for a list of potential thrifty vacation spots.

Readers, when you plan your vacation, do you investigate your potential holiday thrift store territory in advance, do you prefer the spontaneity of discovering a possible thrifty goldmine at your holiday destination, or do you perhaps avoid thrift shopping altogether whilst on your holidays?

Have you stumbled upon a second-hand treasure on your holiday? Perhaps an antique in a mountain resort shop, a vintage dress in a costal town opportunity shop, a second-hand designer piece in a city consignment store, or an entire outfit from a flea market in the country? Do tell!



Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

I love to plan, plan, plan! And then if I stumble upon the unexpected shop, it's even more fun. Thanks for the tips on Googling, when in areas other than one's own home town!

Mrs BC said...

I once bought an ancient singer sewing machine in a tiny little town in NZ, & then was lucky enough to get away with pretending it was hand luggage on the trip home! Lucky, the extra baggage would have cost more than the treasure.

moonqueenfashions said...

I hit a yard sale whilst out of town with my mom and picked up an AMAZING jewel purple toned velvet 60's coat(the only one I have ever seen like it, years after I purchased it - is the champagne velvet coat Kate Winslet wears in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind). It cost me $3 and I have it to this day. I love the yellow satin liner but the huge gold buttons didn't do it for me so I bought a very worn out sweater at the same yard sale for 10 cents with beautiful purple opalescent buttons and put them on the coat. I still have it almost ten years later and wear it often. It's one of my most prized clothing items.

Anonymous said...

On my last trip away to Inverloch, I checked out my opshop guide to Victoria just in case. I picked up a couple of things for the kids and a lovely necklace for my mum. It's always good to go shopping outside your usual haunts!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I love to just stumble across second-hand goodies when I'm away, but if in Melbourne, Camberwell Market is a must - so much wonderful random-ness! On my trip there a couple of months ago, I found the most beautiful 1950s turquoise sequinned cardigan and 1970s green lurex pants. Total cost: $30. Very. Very. Happy. :))

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Oh I love the adventure of finding new op shops while on holidays. I do like to do a google search to make sure I don't miss any hidden gems. There's something special about those purchases made in some strange small town.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your feedback readers, it seems thrifting on holidays is the way to go!

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