Festively Ethical Purchases

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Frugality and ethical living can be stretched somewhat during the festive season, with a constant bombardment of advertisements pushing us toward buying new from retail shops.

Do you find that you let your guard down somewhat with your thrift ways during the holiday season, or do you stick to your ideals, and continue to buy second-hand and recycled gifts for your loved ones? Perhaps you make your own gifts, buy handmade or locally produced goods?

Image c/o weheartit

In your opinion, what is the most ethical way to purchase for the festive period?



Frugal Down Under said...

Buy gifts second hand and don't waste food. Unfortunately I think I'm buying my daughter a new Rapunzel doll from Santa.

Rachel said...

I love buying from local shops and boutiques for gifts. (I don't think my loved ones would appreciate my thrifted finds, ha!). This year, I bought most people a "base gift" from Kohl's (to save time) and then I plan on getting them an add on gift from a local shop. One of these years I'll buy everything local! I love that recycled tree.

Unknown said...

Is that a baby deer??? Awe....

Loren said...

We always have an 'eco-friendly' tree. This year I decorated a ladder with all my Christmas lights. I also try to get 90% of my items from a fair trade store or smaller artist. Fair-trade chocolate & coffee make great gifts because they are fairly universal and consumable. Which means there's less chance it'll end up in a land-fill by next Christmas. (At least less chance than you know... a dancing Santa or something)

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I'm quite proud of myself this year. I've bought the kids second-hand gifts that I could have spent a fortune on new, but no I persisted on eBay and it's all sorted:). Our xmas tree and decorations were op-shopped three years ago, but the fairy lights have finally given up and I bought new ones this year. Buying second hand gifts gives me a real buzz because I get excited when I score something that I just know someone will love. xo

Katherine - Urban Girl said...

Truly love the wooden tree with the shells - brilliant!

And thought you might enjoy this post:
(from seeing the second photo).

Have a great day!

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