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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December 2010, Urban Outfitters blog introduced us to DIY bling collars, showing us how to make our own using an existing collar from a jacket as a template;Link
Decorative Collar

Image c/o Urban Outfitters

OutsaPop Trashion introduced us to bling collars sold by Eleven Project,
priced in the region of $250 +, but suggests a DIY version;

Wear The Canvas gives us another comprehensive DIY detachable collar tutorial;

Image c/o Wear The Canvas

And lastly, Geneva at A Pair & a Spare made her own tribal print version, by simply using an unwanted collar from a thrift dress refashion

What are your thoughts on the detachable collar? Yay, or nay?



valerie scarr said...

Fabulous idea with the collars :-)

Cut the cuffs from the long sleeved shirts the
same way ( intact ) and embellish,so easy
and every part of the shirt is used.
The cuff already has it's own fastener,anything can be added,
lace ~ buttons ~ fringing ~ beads~
Lots of fun things..forgot to mention, to be worn as a bracelet. :-)

valerie scarr said...

Fabulous idea with the collar :-)

Cutting the cuffs from long sleeved shirts the same way ( intact ).
They can be embellished in lots of fun ways ~ lace~ buttons ~ beads ~ fringing ~ and worn as a bracelet. :-)

Nothing on the shirt is wasted,and you will have an original piece to wear. :-)

Anda denayu said...

yay !
those colars totally adorable :D
i want all of it for sure :p
i addicted to this blog <3

Rachel said...

reminds me of when I was a kid and my dresses had detachable lace collars... if only for that I am not a big fan but I have seen some great looks: Jennifer Aniston has definitely rocked a detached collar or two.

my thrifty closet said...

ah...I like detachable collars, I've been pinning tons of them on pinterest! Just haven't get down to doing some DIY, I'm sure it would be fun!


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

A BIG yay from me!!! I love detachable collars so much, I want to see you in one, I think they're wonderful with summer dresses:)) xo

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