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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Beautiful patterns can be found on crockery, but whilst wearing a dinner plate around your neck might sound a bit silly, there are ways to wear floral ceramic pieces with style.

Images found on CoolPictureGallery, show how broken crockery can be re-purposed into gorgeous jewellery pieces.

Broken crockery jewellery Seen On www.coolpicturegallery.net
Broken crockery jewellery Seen On www.coolpicturegallery.net

Broken crockery jewellery Seen On www.coolpicturegallery.net

Another alternative to ceramic jewellery? Using miniature dollshouse china. Aren't these little treats the cutest?

And a tutorial to make your own dollshouse jewellery c/o Sarah Cameron Griffiths
in an article found on The Guardian online

Dolls house miniature jewellery
LinkImage c/o The Guardian

Each To Own sell "Nanna Platter" (love that name!) necklaces for $35

Thought I'd have a go myself. I browsed the 'used' section of dollshouse miniatures on eBay, and found two cute little plates.

An Irish scene and a plate with rabbits

When they arrived in the post, I did find they were too large to make into necklace pendants, so instead, using a glue gun and brooch backs, I've made both of them into brooches.



keshling said...

I absolutely ADORE the first lots of jewellery (Coolpicture Gallery stuff). I'd love to know where to buy it from.

K xx

Nelly said...

Some people have amazing ideas!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I'm melting! What a great idea making the brooches! xo

Patti said...

These are lovely and so creative. The "broken china" earrings are especially beautiful.

Ahka Vintage said...

These are really amazing Erica! I love the broken pieces - they are quite unique! xx

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Erica Louise said...

@keshling I've been trying to find out who made these lovely pieces, but so far, have had no luck, there appears to be no reference to the artist on any website!

Misfits Vintage said...

I love them all - especially the gorgeous earrings and your brooches. I am totally inspired!

Sarah xxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Those pieces are amazing, I'd love to know who made them too, they're beautiful. And I've seen little teacup etc necklaces before, but nothing like your plate brooches - great idea! x

Mongs said...

so pretty very ingenious ideas! The next time I break a precious cup or plate I'm going to think twice about throwing the pieces away!


Carolyn said...

Ooh, these are too cute... I LOVE them! Such a fab idea... thank you for your never-ending inspiration!

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