Walk-In Wardrobe Fashion Fundraiser

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Walk-In Wardrobe, is an annual Melbourne based, pre-loved clothing market with a difference. There is no fee to host a stall at Walk-In Wardrobe, but instead, an agreement of 20% of stall proceeds are to be donated to charity, this year raising money for Clown Doctors.

Co-founder, Meg Rayner, answers a few questions for Recycled Fashion readers:

How long have you been running your markets for charity?

Angie and I hosted our first Walk-in Wardrobe last year in October 2010. We raised almost $2500 for YoungCare Australia and decided we wanted to do it annually.

Do you choose the same charity each year? If not, how do you decide which charity is funded?

We choose a different charity each year based on our experiences and where we feel we could help. We chose YoungCare Australia in 2010 because of a heart wrenching segment on he 7PM Project. in 2011 we chose The Humour Foundation (Clown Doctors) as someone close to us has used their services and rave about them. Also, our families have both been touched by cancer, and we wanted to help raise money for the clown doctors who give the kids a laugh when going through such a hard time.

How did you come up with idea of a charitable market concept?

We both love fashion and shopping. We figured anyone could run a raffle, we wanted to do something bigger and more outside the square. Since we have so many unworn and pre-loved clothes in out wardrobe that we couldn't be bothered selling on eBay or taking to the opshop, we figured this would be a good way to clear them out, make a little bit of money, and give a big chunk of what we earn to charity.

How many market stalls do you have?

This year we have eight to 10 stalls.

Are all clothes pre-loved or vintage, or do you have new clothes too?

There's a great range of clothes and we really never know what will be on offer until the day, but that's the best bit! It's a surprise! It's mainly vintage and pre-loved items, and some stall holders will be selling new pieces.

Walk-in Wardrobe co-founders Angie Dimitriou (left) and Meg Rayner

When: 30 October 11am - 2pm
Where: Boda Haircutters. Hairdressers 183 Greville St, Prahran VIC 3181

w: www.facebook.com/walkinwardrobeAU
t: www.twitter.com/walk_inwardrobe


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Frugal Down Under said...

I miss Melbourne so much : -(

Lived there for 7 yrs but headed to Darwin 6 years ago. Since then I had my daughter and everything has wizzed by a neck breaking speed.

I hope next time I visit Melbourne something fun like this will be on.

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