Pillowcase Top #2

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The pillowcase top returns, based on the same concept as the dragonfly pillowcase top.

Pillowcase #2 has been waiting for a summertime creation, I bought it for 50c in my local op shop during the winter. To complete my top, I managed to find elastic and lace from the same op shop as the original pillowcase purchase. $2.

Total cost $2.50

A handmade pillowcase, there are no labels, and the edges were not finished. I'm not entirely convinced it was ever used as a pillowcase, but certainly had the shape of one.

Fabric close up

After - The Top

The gnome makes an appearance again (unintentional!)
Hat as seen here

Lace shoulder bow

Readers, would it be helpful if I put together a pillowcase top tutorial, or does this look easy enough to replicate without one? Let me know.

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my thrifty closet said...

so simple but so cute! I like the lace. Looks like a pillowcase I have. Doesn't look a bit like a pillow case. Genius!


Tracy dixon said...

I am new to visiting your blog and love alot of ideas, however I would love to see more directions or instructions as to how you do these things with items. I learn better with instructions I guess than just looking at pics.
Thank You
I love your blog.

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