Recycled Fashion Finds #17

Friday, September 30, 2011

Hello Friday! Today we are sharing Recycled Fashion Finds, and now up to week 17. We appreciate your submissions and love to see what you've been thrifting or making. A few handpicks from last week's Recycled Fashion Finds...

Charity Shop Chic replicated a Stella McCartney dress

Using charity shopped t-shirts: Pretty amazing, no? More here

Lakota's "If I was a rich girl" DIY bangle

Lakota did not use real money for this bangle, instead, she used serviettes printed with mock bank notes, and mod podge.

Quote "I decided to make this bangle as a statement about the vacuous trappings of wealth and celebrity versus the ever-shrinking disposable income of regular folk. Or was I condemning society's rapacious consumerism with reference to disposable fast fashion accessories? Hmm, it might just have been that I fancied some new jewellery and had these cool disposable paper napkins......" more here

Patti wearing an amazing 1940's vintage dress

Patti's Quote "I love thinking that someone wore this dress before I was born!" more here

Sorry I don't have room to feature more of your submissions, please do continue to share your finds and creations this week.

What did you find (thrift) or create this week? Would you like to share:

  • A second-hand fashion garment you found at a market, thrift store, op shop, charity shop, car boot sale, fete, garage sale, at the side of the road?!.
  • A fabulous recycled fashion find you scored online.
  • A refashion project
  • A hand-me-down
  • A garment you've made yourself
  • It could be a link to a clothing item you are selling on your online store
  • A sewing pattern, or fabric you've found which you intend to make into a fashion garment
  • Your clothing item need not be vintage, although we do love a good vintage find of course.

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    Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

    Wow that Stella inspired dress is amazing! Love the 40s find too. Thanks for featuring my bit of silliness x

    my thrifty closet said...

    that refashion dress is amazing!


    Wag Doll said...

    Wow the Stella McCartney dress is amazing! Love the money bangle and 40's dress too. This week I bought a grey silk embellished top from a charity shop - it's a bit tent-like at the moment so I'm planning on re-working it into something that doesn't make me look pregnant :-) x

    Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

    Thanks for featuring me, you're very kind! Love the re-fashioned McCartney style dress, and all the great finds (Mongs - your booties are so cool!)

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