Recycled Fashion Finds #14

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Every Friday, you'll find Recycled Fashion Finds here on Recycled Fashion, which is coming to you a day late today.

You can check out last weeks Recycled Fashion Finds here. I appreciate your submissions and love to see what you've been thrifting or making.

A mention for Frugal Down Under's link up last week. Her daughter was invited to a 5 year old Birthday Party. Rather than giving a shop purchased plastic toy, together with her daughter, they made a yo-yo necklace as a gift out of pre-loved clothing and vintage scraps. What a thoughtful and resourceful idea.

Frugal Down Under's Yo-Yo necklace

What did you find (thrift) or create this week? Would you like to share:

  • A second-hand fashion garment you found at a market, thrift store, op shop, charity shop, car boot sale, fete, garage sale, at the side of the road?!.
  • A fabulous recycled fashion find you scored online.
  • A refashion project
  • A hand-me-down
  • A garment you've made yourself
  • It could be a link to a clothing item you are selling on your online store
  • A sewing pattern, or fabric you've found which you intend to make into a fashion garment
  • Your clothing item need not be vintage, although we do love a good vintage find of course.

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    Sewingadicta said...

    Wow! This is a wonderful idea, I am sure that girl was very grateful for the gift.

    MrsWardy88 said...

    I thrifted a necklace and turned it into a cute hair clip... I will share next week when i post it. :)

    Frugal Down Under said...

    What a surprise to see my Dolly peaking from my Blogspot dashboard! Thank you for the write up.

    I just want to add an adult could whip this cute necklace up in no time. My Dolly is 4yrs old and she's super proud of her achievement.

    Blogs like this are very inspirational to keep plodding along and not purchase new and to try making stuff ourselves.

    Look forward to MrsWardy88 hair clip shots.

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