Unintentional Coral Dye

Monday, June 6, 2011

Coral, described by Pantone, as “the more approachable and softer orange”, has embraced 2011 in a rather big way.

Image c/o wgsn

A colour that matches both dark, and neutral shades, and suits most skin tones, it is no wonder this coral fashion trend has really taken off.

A small selection of many coral coloured fashion items that can be found on the www:

A thrifted pair of coral jeans
A beautiful coral skirt
A high waisted coral shorts
A smart short sleeved coral shirt
Variations of coral shades from the high street

I gave some of my wardrobe garments a face-lift with some Scarlett Rit dye last weekend. Imagine my delight when this beige long sleeve shirt did not take to the scarlett red I envisaged, but instead, a much lighter, preferable, coral.

Dye comes in handy when re-styling fashion garments. I personally find it better to wait until you have a few pieces you would like to dye at the same time, therefore utilising as much dye as possible. I threw in four pieces into this particular dye experiment, which I will blog about at a later stage.

As much as I love my shirt, and the colour coral, I am sure within six months from now, our thrift shops will be flooded with coral clothing and accessories once trends move onto a new hue.

What do you think readers? Is coral a colour that works for you?


Something Else said...

Lovely top! Lovely colour. I adore coral - so pretty. I love all those slightly "off" colours like mustard, coral, teal, olive...

Anonymous said...

Ooo, that is the perfect lift to that top! Reading the post I thought "hmm, coral. Dunno". Then seeing the top on you I'm like "wow, I think I like coral"!

Klockarbarn said...

It works only in summertime when I have a tan. In winter it makes my pale swedish skin look almost grey. I like your shirt and it suits you.

my thrifty closet said...

nice color, love it! Do you use a fixative on your dyed stuff?


Sleekit said...

That's a great colour on you, nice work lady

Sleekit x

Anonymous said...

I'm SO into coral too, well done on your top.
I linked to you on my blog to thank you for the patterns that arrived today. THANK YOU!

annies home said...

love the color sometimes our unintentions make the best

Unknown said...

@Mongs Ah no I didn't use a fixative. My intentions will be to hand wash my shirt, in the hope the colour stays, and doesn't run into anything else =)

Shey said...

what a beautiful color! I hope I get to do a dye this week, I'v been meaning to do it for a long time. =D

Bina Ross said...

Love the coral color on you. It's so vibrant yet not too much.

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