Op Shop Tour Recap

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The first mid-week (or rather end-of-week) Bayside Brighton Op Shop tour took place on Friday 10th June. Ten of us, including myself as tour guide, hit seven op shops over the course of the day, in Sandringham, Brighton and Hampton.

Our group of op-shoppers, some from as far as Freemantle WA, Ballarat, Gippsland and Mornington, found some fabulous treasures, going home with 16+ vintage sewing patterns, a designer dress (Stella McCartney no less), a Glomesh bag, fabric, a wool duffel coat, a painting, an array of clothes, books, shoes, a vintage jacket, and more.

Snaps from the day:

:: Outside our first op shop; All Souls Opportunity Shop Sandringham ::

:: Lunch stop ::

The next Bayside Brighton Op Shop Tour, of which I will be guiding will be Saturday 20th August. Maybe I'll see you there?



Anonymous said...

Looks like there are better op-shops than in Sydney....maybe you know some???

Tracy said...

Oh you lucky girls..what a lovely day out.

Anonymous said...

One day, sweet Melbourne, I will Op Shop you until my feet cry out for mercy :)

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

They've started doing this in London too, can I ask how much it costs where you are? It sounds like fun, but don't know whether it would save me any money at £35 for the London one. I suppose it's an opportunity to find hidden gems in other areas you might not have been to before.

Unknown said...

@urbandon not overly familiar with Sydney op shops, but always good finds @ the Glebe market?

@Lakota MelbourneOpShopTours charge AU$35 for a tour, so cheaper than the London one. I know which London charity shop tours you are referring to, as I found them online the other day too - interesting! I find that people on op shop tours do so for a day out exploring new territories, shopping alongside like-minded individuals. Otherwise a great idea for a birthday outing!

my thrifty closet said...

this is so fun, wish we have these tours here, but I guess that're not many places to go anyway. I can count the number of thrift stores here with my fingers. But we have a lot of flea markets. Hope thrifting will become a hip thing to do soon, most chinese are too shy to be seen in a thrift store.


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