Layered Sleeves and Recycled Fashion Finds # 3

Friday, June 24, 2011

Grandma's floral prints may be fashionable, but this jumper (sweater) is quite clearly not flattering. Reduced to the 50c rack in a parish op shop last summer, I put this ol' thing away in my refashion pile reader for cooler months.

First, a re-size using an existing jumper as a template.

To create a gathered 'puff' shoulder, I snipping off the sleeves, and pinned 4 small pinches of fabric at the shoulder seam.

Did you spot the last image above? Yes, went a bit crazy, and started cutting up the sleeve. You see, once I stitched my gathered 'puff' sleeves back on, I still found the jumper to be a bit boring. I had an idea to create a layered sleeve but cutting large strips, over-locking raw edges, and stitching each strip back together underneath one another.

And there you have it..

Lets take a look a closer look at those sleeves..

A word on those 'black' trousers too. A refresh from my wardrobe, originally purchased in Salvos for $8, but looking a little tired. They went in with my RIT dye wash a few weeks ago.

The result has left them with a very slight red tinge, which is sort of what I intended, although I would have preferred a more noticeable change. RIT dye has left them less tired, and I have been wearing them more than I did previously, which is a good thing!

And you dear readers? What did you find or create? Would you like to share:
  • A second-hand fashion garment you found at a market, thrift store, op shop, charity shop, car boot sale, fete, or garage sale.
  • A fabulous recycled fashion find you scored online.
  • A refashion project
  • A hand-me-down
  • A garment you've made yourself
  • It could be a link to a clothing item you are selling on your online store
  • A sewing pattern, or fabric you've found which you intend to make into a fashion garment
  • Your clothing item need not be vintage, although we do love a good vintage find of course.
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Tracy said...

I like the sleeves revamp..cute style.
Great little outfit too.

KarleneC said...

Nice print on the jumper, looks much better now with the new neckline and sleeves.

Peta said...

you've done a great job with the jumper!

Anonymous said...

You seriously have the BEST wardrobe in Melbourne and totally inspire me x

laura said...

The sleeves on that jumper are awesome!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

my thrifty closet said...

much cuter sweater! You are always inspiring!


Adele said...

i really, really love this! it's so cool! i'm going to link up and i'm going to follow aswell :)


elainenewell said...


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