Step away from the shoes

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Intentions to explore Salvos op-shop today, purely for blog research (post to follow) but disaster struck when I foolishly wandered into the shoe section, my biggest weakness, and saw these ...

Anna Wong heels, my size, $10

"Step away from the shoes" says the voice inside my head, for I am one month into a three month clothes shopping ban; the Free Fashion Challenge. Let me tell you, I was *this close* to failing my challenge, but no, I didn't buy them.

According to a frugality blog, tools for fighting the urge to spend are
  • Recognizing your priorities
I don't need another pair of heels. Really? Oh. But they are so nice, I could sell one of my other pairs? No?
  • Rational thinking (not rationalizing)
Where would I wear these heels? What? Around the house is not practical? Couldn't I wear them whilst doing the ironing? Taking out the bins? Walking to the park? No?
  • Self-discipline/self-control
I don't need more heels..oh?.. they are cute! I don't need more shoes.. but they're only $10? I don't need more shoes...
  • Will power
Don't need the shoes, don't need the shoes, don't need more shoes
  • Rewarding yourself
Well then. I think I need to reward myself with a gigantic slab of chocolate for resisting these beauties then, don't you?

Readers. Have you ever resisted the urge to buy a completely beautiful second-hand bargain, and later regretted not buying it??


Lyndel said...

NO.... I'd rather buy a useless (i.e. don't need them to do the Ironing) shoes, than a slab of chocolate, just as expensive and takes $150worth of Gym to remove from my hips!!!

go the shoes next time!

Unknown said...

@Lyndel, bahahah, you've got a point!

else seven said...

Oh - I feel your pain. Gorgeous shoes! Still - yes - heels - not the most practical of shoes. A lot of mine sit in the cupboard. As for the purchase - all the TIME. Last one was a divine 60's Danish De Luxe brand leather couch and chairs for AUD295. These things retail for AUD1500 just for a chair. Alas - no house - just a tiny apartment. In Tokyo. Sigh.

Unknown said...

agreed Lyndel

Yelena's Nest said...

Yes! Just recently I was looking at a cashmere shawl.. then forced myself to put it back... the next weekend I needed that shawl... sigh.. but really that would have been the only time I would have worn it.. so I don't regret it [too] much :)

Jean said...

O.k. well, yes... then again; no! I found a wonderful Neechi sewing machine... albeit; around a 195? the quilt/fabric store was going out of business. It was a refurbished/used machine... originally 179.oo down to $99.... ahem, my birthday was coming (yesterday). Didn't buy went home without it! Then two weeks later; whils't visiting the store again, with a friend, I bought it! I did talk to my dear hubby first. He said go for it! Guess my will power isn't as good as yours! But, it is very practical... I make quilts and this is an extra heavy duty machine. Guess I'm rationalizing now... but I will use it!

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