Crocheted Hangers

Friday, May 20, 2011

Spare a thought for crocheted wooden clothes hangers; one can only imagine a dear lady carefully decorating with pretty coloured yarn, but which sadly end up sitting in a little plastic box, or a basket, at the back of your local second hand thrift outlet.

You know what I'm talking about? Like these...

Plastic and wire hangers from the dollar store seem the cheapest available option these days, but really, aren't they they dullest? Plus, wire hangers, have a tendency to pull and deform the shoulders on jackets and long sleeve tops.

I need more hangers, and have been feeling sad for unwanted crocheted hangers, so picked up 5 for a total of $1.50 from Salvos.

Crocheted hangers, happy in their new home..

If you'd like to crochet your own hangers, there is a bunch of free tutorials here. There is a cute/hilarious kitty coat-hanger pattern here ..

And another tutorial for wire hangers here. Perhaps crocheting wire hangers would alleviate the shoulder pull problem?

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Sylvia N. said...

Thanks for saving these treasures! The "little old ladies" of the world will sigh slightly with relief!

Nelly said...

My gran taught us to make these when I was a kid and I see many at the oppies.I actually buy wooden hangers so they all match lol

Glamour Drops said...

Oh I always feel the same way when I see them in shops, sadly forlorn, and wondering who might have made them with love and care all those years ago. Glad to hear you are rescuing some of them too! They are great for delicate dresses, because they hold onto straps better than smooth new ones.

Lyndel said...

Oh I know I AM old, but I have only ever used the crochet ones for my clothes. Mum made me heaps over the years, and I also pick up nice ones when I see them at the oppies. Hubby has plain plastic hangers (no wire), but for me its coloured ones all the way... and I have recently started to collect some really vintage ones, covered in all sorts of lovely soft fabrics... some I need to take the hook out of and replace cause they get a little rusty with age if they are tooooooo old.♥

my thrifty closet said...

awww...I wish I was there to buy those lovely hangers, what a waste! $1.50 is cheaper than buying ugly 5 plastic hangers for $4


nadine paduart said...

my thought exactly, on the endeavour of crocheting ladies! well highlighting the very act, it might become all the rage again, soon. i've seen them, and variations on the theme, popping up everywhere... just not (yet) in our thrift shops... cheers for the tutorials, i've got a few naked hangers hanging in my closet.

Max said...

I went to a geriatricians lecture a few years ago where he talked about how modern people rejecting hand knitted goods was a contributor to depression in the elderly. I like to think that the increasing popularity of handicrafts especially knitting in recent years is turning that tide. Lovely things knitted coathangers x

wooden coat hangers said...

All of them are Gorgeous!

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