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Sunday, April 3, 2011

I am not sure whether to be thankful for Steph at lifeandotherdrugs for blogging about a wonderful pair of shoes on her fashion wish list made by Osborn, because she's got me hooked too! I can't stop looking at Osborn's shoe collection. If my budget would stretch further, I'd buy some right now.

Quetzal Boot

Quetzal Boot

This classic quetzal fabric women's boots. The soles made with a technique for recycling tires into footwear; all of the rubber is hand peeled from old tires in Guatemala.

Alpaca Party Vegans

Alpaca Party Vegans

"Features a colorful woven party with delightful embroidered patterns on woven black cotton. Totally vegan. Woven cotton on rubber, recycled tire sole."

Stomp Booties

Stomp Booties

"Combined denim and entirely hand-woven cotton. They are finished with a recycled hand peeled tire sole. Cotton upper, cotton lining and rubber sole."

Osborn's unique collection of handmade shoes have an interesting history:

"Co-founder Aaron Osborn, whose family runs one of the largest orphanages in Guatemala, stumbled upon the idea for Osborn in 2007 when he met an out-of-work cobbler while doing charitable work in the country. He and co-founder, Carla Osborn, were searching for a way to combine humanitarian efforts with a fashion project. This search led to Osborn Shoes. That first cobbler still works with them full time, as do a small driven team of 30 gifted artisans. Nestled in the volcanic mountains outside Guatemala City, these artisans craft shoes in a manufacturing environment dedicated to integrity and quality. All the materials for each shoe are individually hand-cut and each shoe is assembled by hand. Osborn’s vertically integrated manufacturing practice establishes a work environment that is sweat-shop free, worker driven and brand focused. Each shoe is signed by its maker, as a testament to the sense of pride for the maker, as well as its wearer."

Guatemalan textiles involve binding, dyeing and weaving yarns to produce intoxicating brightly coloured patterns. What better way to show off such art form, than in a beautiful pair of shoes, with the added ethical bonus of having recycled rubber soles.

Osborn have their own blog and facebook page too. I wonder, readers, if you'll be hooked on these beautiful shoes as much as I (and Steph)?


Adel said...

*swoon & covet*

Anonymous said...

Aww thanks doll :D I can't take all the credit though lol. If it were not for another wonderful blogger I would know nothing about them. Gotta love the coquette.

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