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Saturday, April 2, 2011

I popped into some Bayside Brighton op shops to prepare them for our up and coming op shop tour, and have a chat. Their reception has been fantastic, as staff at Brighton's finest op shops are looking forward to welcoming their first group of enthusiastic Sh-opper's A special mention to the lovely ladies in Sandringham's All Souls Op Shop, a parish charity shop attached to the church.

Image c/o we heart it

Angela, the Manager on duty, praised my choice of All Souls Op Shop as part of the tour.  She tells me it is the op shop with the most reasonable price tags in the area, and I have to agree. Many items can be found for a dollar or two, with volunteer staff so friendly. All Souls Op Shop is run entirely by volunteer staff, including the Manager who dedicates so much of her time to this little thifty gem.

 :: All Souls Op Shop Brighton ::

Interestingly, not all money raised in All Souls Op Shop is used for the church. Money is distributed to charitable causes around the world, as much as $10,000 was donated to Haiti's earthquake disaster appeal a few years ago, and an equivalent amount more recently to the the Premier's Queensland Flood Appeal, with many more donations given to causes around the world. I wonder if all op shops attached to churches do the same? It is something I ask in future parish op shop visits. I took some time for a little browse, it would be rude not to, and picked up a few delights:

Two lovely pieces of fabric for $1 each, a kiddies material; black with flouro cars, which I have already put to use in a craft project. The other, a gorgeous fabric of perhaps Balinese print? Two cute greetings cards, including this little bird card.

But the ultimate find, was this simply irresistible salt-cat & pepper-dog ceramic shaker set, complete with matching saucer, still in it's box for $7. All Souls Op Shop only takes cash, so imagine my disappointment to have only $3 leftover in my wallet. I found the remaining $4 by rummaging for spare change in my car!


I need to find a suitable display point for my little duo, as I dare not use them for their intended purpose, they are far too pretty for that! 



Tracy said...

Love your finds, especially the salt + pepper pets!

JeTaimeVintage said...

Those are the prettiest salt and pepper shakers! Would love a dress in the fluro car fabric too. Have fun on your up coming op shop tour-wish I was closer so could check it out!

marian said...

oh yeah the S&P shakers are FABULOUS!!

Vintage Scapes said...

The salt & pepper set is amazing!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I love that you found the extra cash in your car - the charity shop gods were smiling on you! Love the material and the cruet.

An op-shop tour sounds like my kind of day out - shame I'm over here in London!

Anonymous said...

Meow and woof! Good find. The above fabric was a batik. They are beautiful aren't they? Will be in Malaysia in Jan 2012, I shall get you some stunning local batik. All the best in the coming tours, so wish I was going! xx

my thrifty closet said...

I came from Flea market finds, great finds! Thank God for the extra cash in the car:)

Jillian said...

Salt Cat and Pepper Dog (hmmmnnnn...could be a name for a band) are adorable! They'd make a nifty wedding cake topper for someone wanting something unique. :)

paula said...

i love when people share pictures of their vintage finds... really lovely!

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