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Monday, April 11, 2011

Fashion inspiration when you least expect it; an indoor playcentre. This morning, I spot a 5yr old boy wearing the best t-shirt I've seen in a long time. I spoke to his mother, she tells me she purchased his t-shirt online; it is by Munster, called the Big Bang T-shirt, and retails for around $50

Big Bang T-Shirt

Whilst searching for big bang t-shirt online, I find more galaxy inspired printed clothing, which has planted another Fashion Macgyver seed in my bonnet.

Christopher Kane Sleeveless Satin Dress

christopher kane
A whopping £945.00 from Christopher Kane

Purple Galaxy Leggings

$70 by Black Milk

Surely I could make a galaxy printed garment myself, no? SW of (great website name eh) did, with her thrift fabric find...

Image c/o

Thoughts spring to mind. Buy galaxy printed fabric, preferably second hand; difficult. The closest fabric I can find is this, at $9.25 y/d + postage

Maybe I could buy a second hand galaxy printed garment, and refashion it into something else? I found this dress on eBay, but would be reluctant to cut into something brand new with tags..

Belle by Oasis Maxi Dress Galaxy Print  L  UK 14 - 16
Oasis maxi dress GBP 14.99 by eBay seller fearandloathing2010

Then I spot this fabric on etsy...

Galaxy Hand Dyed Cotton Fabric - One Yard

Galaxy Hand Dyed Cotton Fabric - One Yard
From vickiwelsh

"The fabric snow dyed which involves piling snow on the fabric and pouring the dyes on the snow. As it melts these unique textures result. This fabric was dyed blue purple and grey."

What's that you say? Snow dyed fabric to resemble the galaxy? What, you mean using real snow? Now that sounds like fun! has a wonderful snow dye scarf tutorial which involves pouring dye solution on top of snow..

Hmmm.. now, where am I going to find snow in Melbourne's suburbia, and really, lets face it, that's a lot of effort isn't it.


Liz said...

Such pretty fabrics!

I've never heard of snow dying before, but it sounds a brilliant idea.

Rachel said...

Wow that is the coolest little t-shirt ever.. for a kid or anyone. Especially cute on a toddler! Snow dyed fabric sounds like the coolest thing - you could make fake snow using ice shavings? haha!

Simplastic said...

If you had your heart set on it, I have an idea of how it might be possible to make:
*Take a black or dark garment, wet it.
*Splodge a large area with diluted bleach, and a few smaller ones, making sure the edges run.
*Bring some blue dye in around the edges (possibly have to rinse the bleach out beforehand).
*Make sure it's wet so the dye runs, paint light dye layers over layer of blue outers and creamy brown inners, letting bleed and even drying inbetween for a 3d effect.
*For a stellar finish, it's bleach splatter time on the dry garment.
Randomly splatter bleachy stars by flicking a brush.
Not sure it will work, but it might.
The snow idea is so cool.. eep, mum joke.

Unknown said...

Skippingtail, I love this! It sounds do-able! Thank you!

RosMari Brand said...

WOW these are amazing!!! I defiantly want to try to make something like this!

else seven said...

Fifty bucks for a mass produced kids' tshirt.....woah.

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy a galaxy fabric?

Unknown said...

Galaxy print fabric, as shown above, is available through here:

custom t shirts uk said...

Galaxy prints are the best, thank you for sharing this.

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