The fine line between thrifting and hoarding

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

When you are offered something for free, do you take it, just because it is free? When you see something for $1, do you buy it, because it is only a dollar? Thrifting, has many positives..

1. You save a heap of money on stuff you could have bought new in a retail outlet
2. Buying products already in circulation is good for the environment (recycling)
3. It's fun to hunt for treasures

...some might say however, there is a fine line between thrifting, and hoarding.

I'm sure many of us like to buy things which bring a wave of memory and nostaglia; a hungry hippo's game, a pair of 70's flares, or a walkman perhaps. Things which spark our childhood memory, and happy thoughts. My fellow thrifters, do you buy things you really need or things you merely want. Because sometimes, it can all get a bit too much can't it?

You know when your wardrobe is getting out of control when you start doubling (or tripling) up your clothes on coat hangers, your shoes are falling out of your wardrobe door, and you have an ironing pile big enough to accommodate a second wardrobe.

The key, my fellow thrifters, is to monitor one's possessions carefully, and de-clutter frequently. One tactic would be to rid at least one old possession, when buying something (second-hand) new. Buying a nice vintage crockery set is all very well, but could you donate one of your existing crockery sets to the charity shop you will no longer use? An op-shopping spree may leave you with a bag of new clothes, but could you go through your wardrobe, and donate a bag of your older clothes you have not worn for 18 months?

This, readers, is coming to you from a lady holding on to:

A 70's inspired Karen Millen faux fur jacket, a gift, last outing 1999
A pair of pink cowboy boots (yes, pink), purchased @ flea market, last outing 2004
A pair of vintage 60's ankle boots, purchased @ market, last outing 2003
A Dolce & Gabbana shirt, purchased @ charity shop, last outing 2006
A Carla Zampatti shift dress, purchased @ op shop in 2008, never worn
"And the rest" Says Mr RF

And let's not forget that suitcase filled with fabric and patterns.

Thrifting-collecting-hoarding. Very fine line...



Dogstar Bazaar said...

You got me on the doubling up of coat hangers I have to admit but I do try and give back to the op shops on a regular basis.

nikkishell said...

I stopped visiting op shops for this very reason. It's all good and well buying second hand but it can quickly turn into buying for the sake of it. There are only a few op shops near me and i spend most of my time in the city so don't get to wander by each day and 'just have a look' but if i do need something i'll make a point of looking for it second hand first.

I do need to have a big clear out though. I think that could be a job for the Easter weekend. ;)

paula said...

wow! i always watch the tv show called "hoarders" on a&e! althought may be you are just a thrifting lady.... :)

else seven said...

I know, I know - working hardcore on being a minimalist at the moment.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comments! I admire you Nikki for stopping your op shop visits..

Paula - I have yet to see hoarders, but so many people have blogged about it, I think it would be quite eye opening?

Peta said...

I can so relate to this post!

Urban Girl said...

Such a good post - I agree such a fine line! I have to stop myself now from buying any more "projects"! I keep seeing things that would look good "if I tweaked that" or if I changed this... but only lately have I started tackling the project pile.

No more shopping until it's gone! : )

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