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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

On my last Bayside op shop tour, I stumbled upon a vintage granny dress. I really wasn't sure of it, the fabric is lovely, but the fit? not so much.


Pretty fabric

I decided to buy it, because, well, I'm a sucker for a bargain and with all clothes half price that week, I picked up this dress for $2 instead of $4. Figured I'd be able to work with it somehow.

I asked advice of my fellow refashionista's on Refashion Co-op what to do with the frumpy dress - with suggestions of a drawstring casing waist, which is exactly what I did, as well as shortening sleeves.

Chop chop

New sleeves

I used the excess fabric cut away from the bottom of the dress to make casing for the waistline, stitched inside the dress, with 'button holes' for a drawstring (also made from the same fabric) to pull through at the front.

And here it is:

Granny chic?

I knew the fabric would be a little sheer, but until I looked at this photograph, didn't realise quite how much! Definitely needs a slip worn underneath.

Mr Recycled isn't so sure of this refashion. Maybe the colour doesn't suit my skin tone? What do you think readers?

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Lyndel said..., I have seen you look much better Erica, still a little too 'granny-ish' I think (but hey, I'm over 60...what do I know!!?)

Chrissy Foreman C said...

From a fellow youngin' - it's awesome!!

Unknown said...

Hmm, yes Lyndel I think that's what Mr RF was thinking too! I'm 50/50, maybe I need to dress it up with some colour. Thanks for your comments ladies :)

LF said...

I think it's super cute! Nice work! You might keep the top button unbuttoned. You could also add a little lace at the bottom if you wanted to look extra fancy, but I think it's a great dress. Dye it if the color is off!

glam.spoon said...

Definitely an improvement over the granny dress, my dear. Maybe it just needs more styling help? A wide belt, cardigan shrug and knee boots! That's what we wear in Seattle, maybe it's too warm there. :)

Peta said...

I think you've done a fab refashion!

RosMari Brand said...

OHHH Lovely job! It's so cute now!!!

Unknown said...

Nicely done.

Unknown said...

Great DIY. I agree with Glam Spoon, a little more funky styling and this revamped dress will be a winner. I'm thinking a coloured jacket in a complimentary colour to the dress, a good set of wedges or ankle boots, some long necklaces, a chunky cuff and ring and the look will be super stylish and for winter just add some leggings.

Miss Bias

Unknown said...

Thank you, ankle boots sounds great, and actually I think dressing it up with a winter outfit; leggings and jacket or cardigan would look better. Appreciate your comments xox

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