Diary of a TV shoot

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A week and a half ago, Coxy's Big Break (TV Travel Show) approached Melbourne Op Shop Tours to film an op shop tour in action. I was asked to step in as the tour guide for the day. Whilst appearing on TV is not something I am familiar with, it sounded challenging, but exciting.

An early start, and off to Newmarket Train Station, I met my fellow op shoppers for the day; Lara of Wardrobe Wonderland, Leeyong of Style Wilderness, Vicky of Dogstar Bazaar, and Jerome and his daughter from Meltours, all of which are avid op shoppers.

We met our camera crew, producer Pip, and presenter for the day; not Coxy this time, but the gorgeously glamorous Lucy McIntosh (the face of 2010 Melbourne Spring Fashion Week)

Leading a tour and talking about op shopping is a completely different ballgame when doing so on camera. Filming a TV show requires a lot of patience. One must not look into the camera, otherwise the shoot must start again. Reflections in shop windows and op shop changing room mirrors, require all of us to maneuver to a small spot where camera crew reflections cannot be seen. Trying to fit all of us, plus a TV crew, in small op shops can be tricky! Three or four takes are required of the same conversation, all of which are filmed on different angles. A mobile phone ringing, a tram screeching past, a truck driving by, or a background conversation all interfere with filming, and will require shooting to start again.

Image c/o we heart it

The purpose of the day was not only to cover Melbourne Op Shop Tours, but to dress our stunning presenter Lucy in an op shop outfit, which we did successfully; she wore a brown dress, with a Roxy summer hat, together with vintage accessories - a silver belt, necklace and faux croc skin clutch bag. Lucy looked amazing, although I suspect she would look good in just about anything!

Unfortunately, being too wrapped up in filming, I did not take any photographs, but if you'd like to see the show on TV, it will be aired Saturday 30th April, 2010 on channel 7. You'll spot me, the tour guide, talking about op shops, wearing my handmade dollar tunic dress, and looking about 2" tall next to beautiful Lucy.

I will be running the next Melbourne Op Shop Tour, Bayside Brighton route, on Saturday 16th April (without film crew!) Join me?

*UPDATE* Leeyong over at Style Wilderness posted some photos from yesterday, here are some snaps:

Presenter Lucy in her Roxy op shop hat

Lara telling the camera all the best things about op shopping

That's me, searching for something suitable for Lucy!

The lovely Leeyong, isn't she glam? Her entire outfit is thrifted and refashioned. She picked up this black leather bag


Ky said...

That sounds like a fun experience, Erica. I'll try to remember and have a look. Would love to watch it.

hed said...

How exciting! If you find the clip you need to e-mail it to me since I don't get the channel!


Nelly said...

I how exciting I hope you remind us to watch

Sleekit said...

Must check this out, well done you!

Sleekit x

Fourth Daughter said...

Thanks for the fun day and for inviting me to start with! I did a post (pictures are crap, sorry) so have a look if you like http://stylewilderness.blogspot.com/2011/03/were-going-to-be-on-tv.html

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! It must have been a memorable experience. I spotted some gorgeous bags in the above pixs, ah...must cross over to Melbourne soon!! xx

Tracy said...

Love love....wish I was in Melbourne to go on one those tours.
I have been an op shopper for many years. Love it.

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