A designer bag when you least expect it

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I popped into the Outlook Environmental Recycle Market in Mornington a few weeks ago.

A warehouse filled with mainly bric-a-brac, damaged or near damaged goods, building materials, books, toys, household goods.. anything goes. Proceeds from sales go to support local adult shelters, workshops and community centres.

Initially, my purpose was to find old unwanted and perhaps damaged things to upcycle into new products; mainly fabric, and papergoods. I did manage to get a few goodies, including this discarded vintage pattern, without instructions - $1, which I am going to turn into brooches.

But, out of the corner of my eye, I spot a bag, hanging on the edge of a shelf. A bag with the cutest mini cooper print.

On closer inspection, I notice a label:

Paul Smith, a leading UK fashion designer

I ask the lady behind the counter the price for the bag, to which she replies $2. Two dollars for Paul Smith?! SOLD!

Is this bag a real Paul Smith, or a copy? It certainly looks and feels a quality product, but no matter, for I am keeping this little gem, not for the designer label, but for the print which reminds me a little of life in London.

Finding a second hand designer bag when you least expect it. Result!



Lyndel said...

OH fantastic find!.. the sewing patterns, incomplete,.... do you want more? I have just recently sorted out a pile and dont know what to do with the torn, missing pieces etc. ones??? message me if you want them.

Unknown said...

Yeah - good for you Erica, the print is lovely!

Jac said...

Looks genuine to me, fabulous find!! :)

I had a similar experience at the RSPCA op shop in Frankston... I was looking through their sunglasses box, which were all $1 and I spotted an Oroton pair! Bargain!

Ky said...

That is the cutest bag, Erica!

Now, where that elevator is located eludes me right now, but I will get back to you on that one when I find out. It's in the same building as the Retrostar Vintage Clothing shop.

nadine paduart said...

i'm actually quit envious of that bag, as in, yeah, a little closer to london... ;p)

Alyssa said...

That's a great little bag! I've spotted some pretty amazing designer labels, and quite often they're real. Too many people just ditch things in favor of something new, so those lovely things end up in thrift stores. You lucky duck for finding that!

JeTaimeVintage said...

I love Paul Smith-oh London how I miss thou! Just bought one of Mr. Smiths shirts for my brother! That is one amazing find-nice one :)

Unknown said...

Hi There
I bought a real Cartier leather handbag there so it is probably a real one--I have some bad news though-They have recently changed hands and now have an Antique Dealer working on the counter and everything is now ridiculously priced, even though people throw these things out... A lamp last week was $220

Anonymous said...

Yes it is bad news. You could once go there and buy a bargain. Someone elses trash is your treasure as the saying goes. They used to sell old video tapes 4 for $1. I'd go in and grab some and my grand kids would love watching the older movies. Last week I went in and they are now $1 each. No thankyou. They can stay there. As with everything, greed takes over reality.

Unknown said...

@Anon, I hadn;t realised prices had recently increased. I often see video tapes at trash and treasure markets and op shops too. I wonder why they have increased their prices seeing as these days, video tapes are more or less redundant

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