Alluringly horrific pants to refashioned shorts

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I picked up a pair of pants (trousers) this week for $2.50, in the children clothing section of a local church op-shop. Quite frankly, they were pretty horrific, but strangely alluring at the same time.

Take a closer look now....

Have I lost my mind ??

Well, I hope not. You see, I could see potential there somewhere. My usual thrifty habit involves scouring op-shops for nice, pretty or unusual fabric, no matter the size, nor gender intended for the item of clothing, and these pants were no exception.

Shorts. That's what I thought. I gave them the chop-off, and added some faux turn ups.

Waddya think?

My biggest fan showing her appreciation:

Of course one does not usually totter around in vintage heels with shorts, but hey, its only my back yard, and its not like I'm off to do my grocery shopping at Woolworth's or anything.

The scarf is an addition for a reason; I am participating in Sophie's fun February Scarf Challenge.

This circle dotted scarf was given to me by my Mum, purchased in a UK charity shop.

This will be shared with the Refashion Co-op on my editor blog post tomorrow.


nicole said...

oh my word! they do look amazingly different as shorts! do like :D

Martin said...

oh..i think the pants are pretty nice..but the shorts much better of course. an the apparently thin material even holds together strongly on a squat! ;)

Jillian said...

Lovely! I get incredibly jealous of the weather there every time I read your blog! It seems like a lot of prints/colors that don't work in large quantities do really well when shrunk down to a smaller peice.

Unknown said...

To quote my husband....'not a bad set of pins for an old duck! He was talking to me at the time!

Unknown said...

Hahahahahha Ang that's made my morning ;)

MooBear Designs said...

Oh they were a little overwhelming at first weren't they... less is more in this case!! I also email to co op... Can you tell my brain has been moved away from where it normally resides... EXCITING STUFF!!

xo Steph

Anonymous said...

Ohhh nice! But how do you sew fake turn-ups?

Ms Wanda said...

This is why I love recycling. Who would have thought such hideouspants would end up such lovely shorts.Top marks!

Jenny Hall / Seamingly Smitten said...

They actually came out really cute! I love the faux turn-ups!

Unknown said...

I like them but how did you do it????

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