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Friday, February 25, 2011

I approached Marion from SecondHandAddiction to be interviewed for Recycled Fashion's About My Shop blog feature. About My Shop gives sellers specialising in vintage, second hand and upcycled fashion, a chance to introduce themselves, their garments, and stores to Recycled Fashion blog readers.

Marion's online store profile explains her philosophy behind thrifting, recycling, treasure hunting, and mindful living - I like it, and I think you will too!

"I was born to be an conservationist. My parents were California hippies in the 60's who have continued their influence on their respective (although separate) communities. We had little stickers on all of our light switches and above our sinks reminding us to turn off lights and faucets. We ate a macrobiotic diet, and we were early recyclers. My distaste for waste and unnatural things wasn't inherent, but became ingrained.

Also, I loved finding things. Growing up near the beach, I spent many long summer days combing the sand for treasures. I found glass, rocks, critters, money and jewelry. My mom said that I walked around in life with my head down; the bumps and bruises a small price to pay for the many delicious surprises. "

So I give you About My Shop interview #3, with Marion from SecondHandAddiction

What is your shop/online store called and what do you sell?
My store is called SecondHand Addiction but the url is www.marionkc.etsy.com

Tell us about you, and your motivation to start your store

I have always been a treasure hunter. My mom used to joke about all the stitches I had to get because I was often looking down while walking. I was looking for treasures and I was often rewarded.

In High School in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 80s I discovered thrift stores. I was in heaven. It was incredibly satisfying to look at all the crazy, old clothes and come away with something interesting. I used to wear men's madras shorts and golf shorts, heavily belted, because I loved the fabric. Here in Tucson we have some of the best thrift stores in the world and back in 2007 my husband and I made a pledge to not buy anything new (except underwear and those types of things) for a year to help lower our already low impact. We did pretty well and while I was shopping at yard sales and resale shops I noticed many lovely treasures that I didn't need that would remain on the racks. I had been a shopper on Etsy and decided to try finding good homes for some of the treasures I found. It turns out that I had a pretty good eye for what people are looking for.

I love secondhand clothing for several reasons:

1. Recycling perfectly good clothing. I have always hated waste.

2. Items have already shrunk so no surprises after washing

3. Vintage clothing was made to last. Shoes can be re-heeled, zippers replaced, but the bones of an item can be very good and classic.

4. It is much more interesting to pick through decades of styles, rather than just one season, which is what happens in a typical retail shopping experience.

When did you start trading?
I started selling vintage on Etsy in the summer of 2008. I have another full time business (www.Gone-Home.com) and the Vintage shop was just supposed to occupy my time in my off season. I have had so much fun and success that I do it all year.

Are there any particular products in your store that are most popular?
Anything lacy and natural colored sells very well. Also, Salvatore Ferragamo Pumps are big. I have sold 24 pairs of Ferragamos in the last 2 years. Vintage designer items don't last long in the shop. Classic, timeless pieces tend to do well. And then there are the wacky fad items like animal sweaters or Hammer pants. I laugh a lot while shopping and shooting with my model, Katy.

Would you like to show us some of the products you currently have for sale?

This beautiful dress was owned by my aunt in the 60s and modeled by her granddaughter:

I love this little cropped Faux Fur Jacket! It is from the 70s but is very relevant to today's trends:

Vintage 70s cropped faux fur jacket

Wedding gowns are always a hit as more brides are buying Vintage. This is a classic 1950s Couture cupcake princess wedding dress:

What is the future of Second Hand Addict?
I don't know how much longer I will continue to sell Vintage online. I have noticed that so many people are seeing the success and popularity of vintage reselling that the competition has shown up in the shopping at yard sales, thrift stores and especially estate sales. It has always been fun for me, so as soon as it stops being fun, I will bow out. So far, I am still having a blast!

Where can we find your store?

My store is on Etsy

Facebook updates at www.facebook.com/SecondHandAddiction

Twitter updates: SecondHandAddic

Blog: www.SecondHandAddiction/Wordpress.com

I have my eye on this little purple dress, at a bargain price of US$10!

Thank you so much Marion! I really hope you do continue to have fun selling vintage clothing.

Are you a thrift store manager, op-shop volunteer, charity shop staff member, fashion retail website owner, pre-loved market or clothing swap event organiser, or perhaps an online marketplace seller featuring upcycled, vintage or recycled clothing or accessories? If so, I'd love to hear from you!


Lyndel said...

Oh Erica, I'm loving your interviews!

RosMari Brand said...

OHHH I just LOVE the wedding dress!! If I ever get married I want a vintage dress just like it!

Unknown said...

Thanks Lyndel, its lots of fun!

RosMari - you're right, its a lovely wedding dress

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