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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sophie over at Her Library Adventures published a lovely little blog post called Thrifting with friends last week, summarising different experiences one can get when thrifting with different people; "go thrift shopping with different people, you find yourself drawn to certain items". Her own experiences list thrifting with her husband, best friend, sister, thrifting with boys, with girls, and thrifting alone.

I would like to add two more formulas to the thrifting mix; thrifting with young children, and thrifting in groups.

Thrifting with young children: ..Is always a rushed affair. Young children wriggle with impatience, whilst their Mummy browses at lightening speed before the tantrums start. Food snacks are quite often given as a bribe for 5 minutes of peace. In my experience, purchases have been swift, and spontaneous, but also some of the best. There is no time to think twice and potentially miss out! Eyes quickly dart around the shop, searching for nice fabrics, buttons, shoes, cutlery, bags .... anything! Mummy might give a toy from the op-shop for the child to play with for another precious 5 minutes of browse time, but the child will not part with this toy, so flustered Mummy has to buy and take home a 'new' toy! On a positive note, young children see things from a different height, and might pick up things on their eye level that you'd never have noticed.
Verdict: Shop with a young child for a spontaneous, quick purchase, and for a different eye level on shop goodies!

Cute image c/o we heart it

Thrifting in groups: As many readers know, I lead one of the tours (Bayside route) for Melbourne Op Shop Tours once every 6 weeks or so. Group size ranges from around 6 - 10 people. Second-hand shopping in groups puts a completely different perspective on thrifting. I find that op shoppers leave with more stuff than perhaps they would have when thrifting alone, why? We all seem to get into thrifting mode quite quickly, and visiting around 6 shops over the space of 5-6 hours also means a decent time getting amongst those second hand treasures; it is hard not to find something. Plus we like to help each other out! If someone is looking for a particular item, we all seem to find ourselves looking out for it.
Verdict: Comradery thrifting is very useful when you are looking for something in particular, you have more than one set of eyes to look out for it!

Two sisters on our last op shop tour filled shopping bags on wheels filled with thrifted treasures!

Are there any other thrifting experiences that have been missed?

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