Refashioned Kids GAP Jacket

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Word on the street - GAP, the American clothing chain-store, is finally opening its doors to the Australian retail public, with the first shop to open in Chadstone, Melbourne. A Sydney store will open in 2011. More details here

Presently, the only GAP clothing to be purchased in our Antipodean land would be second hand garments in op shops, pre-loved markets, auction sites and the like. Earlier in the year, I found a GAP denim jacket in Red Cross op shop, Frankston. It is a child's jacket (size XL), with embroidered patches that I couldn't resist.

I occasionally fit into large sized childrens clothing.. yes, yes, I know that frustrates the hell out of some people, but let me tell you, I might be slight, but I am cetainly not blessed with height!

I purchased this jacket on whim. I didn't need it, and bought it in a rush, without trying it on, as I do most of the time with a bored toddler in tow. As a result, soon discovered the sleeves are indeed made for a child, and stop before my wrists....that will teach me.

The jacket sat in my wardrobe unworn for months, but now I have discovered refashioning, a thought crossed my mind; why not cut the sleeves and make a short sleeved jacket? And voila, a very simple wardrobe refashion, with a 'new' summer jacket I can wear. I am glad I could give my jacket a new lease of life, without having to donate it back the op shop for the second time around!

I cut off the cuffs, and shortened the sleeves. I did however find the cuffs far too bulky to get under the needle of my sewing machine, so instead, stitched the cuffs back on by hand... took slightly longer than anticipated.

I wear my jacket with a long sleeve top in the photo, but for summer, this jacket will be fab with short sleeves.

Moral of the story is, don't overlook second hand kids clothing, you might be able to rework it into adult fashion!

Junky Styling

Monday, August 30, 2010

Junky Styling, based in London, UK, make and sell beautiful 'timeless, deconstructed, re-cut, and completely transformed clothing'.

Created by Annika Sanders and Kerry Seager, who started creating clothes for themselves in the early 90's, and started their own unique style of clothing in the name of Junky Styling. Charity shops and jumble sales are the chosen source of second hand traditional suits to deconstruct and redesign:

Suit Wrap Shorts GBP £90

Now 11 years later, they have a shop in trendy Brick Lane and in-house production site just down the road, nothing is holding this company back. Anni and Kerry now have staff putting out new clothing ranges in every direction.

Whilst Junky styling's physical shop only exists in London, international (and national) buyers can purchase online via paypal.

Halterwrap top GBP £70 One size

Suit Shrug neck dress £105 S, M, L

Hooded waistcoat GBP £145 S, M, L

And how about this - if you have your own/your mans clothes in the wardrobe that are no longer worn, you can send them to Junky Styling to rework into one of their 'new' stylish pieces.

"this way you know exactly what you are getting and we can all avoid the confusion of getting something different than what you wanted. Also if you have clothing of a sentimental reason such as your fathers or grandfathers suit, or perhaps a wicked dress from your nan , basically materials that remind you of someone loved that you would like to enjoy by wearing them in your contemporary life in a style that is totally you, and you have a hand in the design element!"

Contact Junky Styling for more information

Junky Styling's retail outlet can be found here:

Junky Styling
12 Dray Walk,
The Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane
E1 6RF
T: +44 (0) 207 247 1883

Upcycled by Ash Bag Giveaway

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A little mention for fellow blogger and 'craft activist!; the lovely Ashley from Upcycled by Ash.

Ash creates gorgeous upcycled bags made from reclaimed, and donated fabrics. Ash suffers from chronic Lyme disease, but this does not stop her creating awesome upcycled treats, raising funds for non-profits (such as the Gulf Project, Nature org, National Wildlife, Lymenaide, and Turn the corner)

Ash is currently holding a generous giveaway on her blog, the winner can select one of six of her upcycled bags which include:

My personal favourite is this gorgeous Pin-Up Girl tote bag:

Bag Details
"Big enough to carry magazines and all your personal goodies. The tote is roughly 9 inches deep 14 inches long and has a 2 inch wide bottom. The two straps are 19 inches around, long enough to sling over your elbow or hitch up over your shoulder. There is a full zip across the top of the bag allowing for easy access.

I have plenty of these fabrics thanks to my fantastic freecycle friend Ginger! If you like the bag but you want it in a different size let me know and I'd be happy to whip it up for you.

You can follow Ash on twitter @upcycledbyash

Be quick to enter her competition, which closes 31st August

Bayside Op Shop Tour - Next Saturday

Friday, August 27, 2010

A quick mention to Melbournites, or anyone that happens to be in Melbourne next weekend - I shall be leading Melbourne Op Shop Tours' Bayside route on Saturday 4th September.

The tour commences at 10am in Cheltenham and finishes around 3pm in Frankston.

If you would like to come and join me on a discovery of Melbourne Bayside's second-hand wonderlands, you can sign up online here

A couple of photographs from the last Bayside op shop tour:

Loving those vintage egg cups!

Maybe I'll see you there...

Reconstructed t-shirt dresses - dont ditch the fluro yet!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

We've seen our fair share of fluorescents in fashion over the the past few years, with brightly coloured garments now filtering their way into the op shops. Flurorescents may have had their time, but vibrant colours teamed with black are appearing on the catwalk as seen at the recent Rosemount Australian Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010/11 with Romance is Born's collection:

Having been inspired by a lime and black revamped dress made from two Lyme Disease CALDA charity t-shirts by VictoriousVixen, I wanted to give my own t-shirt dress a try.

VictoriousVixen's Revamped T-Shirt Dress

A few weeks ago I purchased a bright pink skirt picked from an op shop's 50c rack, originally chosen for its fabric as my plan was to make decorations from it. However, I thrifted a billabong t-shirt for $2 this week - black with a bright palm tree fluro print; a match with the fabric from my 50c skirt! The idea in my head was to create a simple dress stitching both the t-shirt and skirt together. I was able to do just that during a sewing tution with Hayley at thinker maker (ethical craft and mindful living blogger) now found at Heidi & Seek.



Hayley's advice was to cut off the top of the skirt, and bottom of the t-shirt, and stitch some elastic to the waist line. To be fair, Hayley did the sewing, and showed me how to do this in the future, but my idea turned out cool, eh? It is far too cold to model my new dress today, but I'll do so when the weather warms up.

'Merry Go Round' Luxury pre-loved shopping event

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I apologise to readers outside of Victoria (Australia) in advance, as this blog post relates to a Melbourne event; an official MSFW (Melbourne Spring Fashion Week)'s luxury shopping event for pre-owned designer clothes.

Hosted by Miss Money Penny, an official Melbourne Spring Fashion Week event.

"Forget getting all hot and bothered wading through Op shops, markets and Ebay to get a great designer find. As you sip on a glass of bubbles, Miss Money Penny will put together a salon style showing of top end pre loved designer pieces whilst the team from Makeovers, Manicures and Martinis treat you to a manicure, massage and make-up consultation. You’ll also receive a styling consultation courtesy of Bronwyn Fraser from the Style Establishment. This is the smartest, fastest and most relaxing way to shop for items that are Brand New With Tags (BNWT), Just Slipped On or Vintage Designer fashion; for a fraction of the retail price. Like what you see? Then you can purchase items after the show. Even if you don’t find something you’d like to buy you’ll leave refreshed and revived from your pampering treatments and full of ideas for new ways to wear items already in your wardrobe."

When: Tuesday August 31, 6.00pm to 9.00pm
Where: The Longroom, Georges Building, 162 – 168 Collins St, Melbourne

More details here

Readers too far away to make it to the event, fear not, Miss Money Penny has an online 'designer retail emporium' where sellers can earn some extra cash by selling off their pre-loved (and in some instances unworn!) designer garments, and buyers can purchase second hand designer fashion at reasonable prices.

A selection from the collection chosen today include:

Alannah Hill 100% silk cream dress, Size 8 BNWT $180 (RRP $529)

Gucci White Blazer Size 8, Pre-loved, $145 (RRP $1200)

Dove grey and silver Moschino heels, Size 40, $190 (RRP US$485)

Undoneclothing on Flickr

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Whilst browsing Flickr, I found a member going by the name of undoneclothing. Michelle from undoneclothing has tagged some of her images as 'upcycled' and voila, here are the results I found; watches, bags, purses, earrings and bracelets she has made from repurposed tape measures:

TM Watch - SQ Set of 5 -3

Quote: "Chic, simple and functional, this snappy timepiece is just what's needed to add that extra zip to your outfit. The watch band is repurposed from vinyl measuring tape and closes securely with a silver colored snap. The band is adjustable by simply snapping into the next closure. The square watch face is brand new Geneva quartz and stainless steel--simply remove the plastic tab to start the time movement. . The watch band has two snaps to fit at 7.5" (19.1 cm) and 8" (20.3 cm) around and easily fits most wrists."

tm coin purse lavender-1

Quote: "This handy little tape measure coin purse or pouch is the perfect size to tote in your handbag. Use it to carry around your spare change, cards and lipgloss or keep it handy by the sewing machine to hold essentials like a seam ripper, needles and even a measuring tape. The coin purse is hand woven and assembled with vinyl measuring tape, silver colored metal eyelets and a snap closure. Features one large pocket to store all you hold dear. Each pouch measures 4" (10.2 cm) across and 3" (7.6 cm) tall with a 1.75" (4.4 cm) flap."

But wait, undoneclothing does not stop at tape measure watches, check out this 'Brand Identity Wearable Art Tags and Labels Jacket' made from thousands of size, care and company branding labels that have been removed from a variety of different garments, carefully arranged and applied to an interfacing and stitched with a stippling pattern to quilt the tags together into a unique “fabric”.

Brand Identity Wearable Art Tags and Labels Jacket

Brand Identity Wearable Art Tags and Labels Jacket
*This is a work of art!*

Quote: "They say that “the clothes define the man” and that “image is everything”. Every season we look to the biggest names on Madison Avenue to show us what is fashionable, fabulous and fitting. Our environment is bombarded by logos and images advertising one of the three basic needs of man—food, shelter and CLOTHING."

Michelle from undoneclothing also has a rather impressive collection of vintage hats worth a view



For any craft makers / refashionistas / vintage lovers wishing to showcase their collections, it would be worth opening up a free Flickr account.

Many people may consider Flickr as a site for beginner to professional photographers to showcase their photographic skills and ability, however, Flickr can be used as an effective advertising tool for a business.

Writing the correct title, description, and utilisting tags may result in your uploaded images being found in Flickr's search engine results, which may result in new customers. An article on marketing on flickr can be found here

Refashioning oversized mens Footlocker top

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I've been sewing! This weeks op shop find is a gigantic mens long sleeve top by Footlocker, size 3XL. I can't say why this enormous thing jumped out at me, but there was something about the fabric print that caught my eye. It cost me $3.50.

I used a shirt dress from my wardrobe that I know fits me well as a template to cut the top to size. You can see the gigantic proportions of this top measured with my shirt dress!

Snipped off the sleeves, cut down to size, and stitched back together and voila here we go:

Worn with belt $3 from Salvos, Esprit cargo trousers $3.50 (co-incidentally bought from the same op shop I bought the Footlocker top from, but purchased last year).

I'm really pleased with it. It is warm enough for the final winter weather Melbourne has to offer.

Due to the sheer size of the top, I had a lot of the fabric left over, so used it to make a koala motif for a refashioned top for my son! His top is made from an old mens black T shirt (50c, same op shop) and fabric scraps. The Koala shape I have used from a picture emailed to me drawn by a child in a Honduras volunteer operated school c/o GVI Phoenix.

Can you believe a child in Honduras draw this cute drawing?

This refashion is also featured on Wardrobe Refashion

What is the coolest thing about refashioning? That NO ONE ELSE will have this exact top.

Top 100 Green blogs for students

Friday, August 20, 2010

I got myself another little blog recognition. An email arrived in my inbox a few weeks ago telling me I'd been selected for an inclusion into a list of 'top 100 green blogs for students' courtesy of OnlineDegrees ( is a leading online education portal) How nice to be found, and chosen for the list!

Some other fabulous blogs worth checking out on the top 100 list include:

Budget Confessions "I was inspired to start writing a blog with an environmental slant when I realized how much the environment affects other areas of my family’s lives, like our finances,” explains eco blogger Cate. “For example, using environmentally-friendly cleaning products (like vinegar and baking soda) is much cheaper than buying chemical-laden products to do the same job…I use things that are tried and true: vinegar and baking soda, a Rubbermaid compost bin…Being environmentally-friendly often means saving money and helping your community to boot.” Recommended posts: “Frugal Meatless Meals: Bean Tacos” and “Simple gift giving.”

Glamology "Out of my own search for natural products and education about the beauty industry, I created Glamology to help educate others on the dangers of conventional skin care products and to help people make healthy and responsible lifestyle choices,” explains Charmaine Leah Cianciullo, who works as a professional esthetician and skin therapist. “The average adult uses 9 personal care/cosmetic products daily and is exposed to over 168 chemicals each day. What I really hope readers learn is that we all need to be more aware about what we buy and what products we use.” Recommended posts: “Top 10 Safest Sunscreens – 2010 EWG Sunscreen Guide” and “Tips to Green Your Beauty Routine.”

The Eco Diva Because every diva needs fashionable clothes and beauty products, this site updates readers on eco-friendly cosmetics, fashion and accessories. The site’s author also writes reviews for the products on her site, and readers can submit questions for the weekly “Ask The EcoDiva!” series. Recommended posts: “Fast, Easy and Cheap DIY Recipes For Face, Body And Hair” and “Top 5 Benefits to Using Eco Friendly Beauty Products.”

Check out the full list here

JeTaime Vintage, eBay store from Byron Bay

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I've been following a relatively new eBay seller on twitter: JeTaime Vintage, location - beautiful Byron Bay.

Byron Bay Image source: commons wikimedia

"I have always loved vintage clothing and have a very eccentric taste in clothes to match my personality. My style has been inspired by growing up spending weekends around the streets of London and travelling the world from Europe to Japan at every opportunity. Living in Australias hippie heartland is really suiting me though, and certainly find some crazy clothing around here!" speaks Amiee of JeTaime Vintage

Amiee sells vintage clothing on eBay to supplement her part time job as a zoo keeper giving snake talks (she is an Ecologist) - how cool is that?

By joining JeTaime Vintage on Twitter, followers are rewarded with 'exclusive previews and discounts'. For example, a recently 'tweeted' picture of these original black suede ankle flat, silver leather lined Chanel boots which have just been added to the collection, and will be posted on JeTaime Vintage eBay store within a few weeks, size 9.5 AUS:

Twitter followers have recently been given 10% off all clothing items excl postage - Buy It Now Items only.

Other items currently for sale include:

CHIC GLAM Vintage 70s Soft LEATHER Tan SPY TRENCH Coat $99 Buy It Now

Shute Boss GLAM Vintage 80s Fishtail GRECIAN Gown Dress $99 Buy It Now

Vintage 70s NEW+Tags NAUTICAL SAILOR Dress with Huge Collar $69 Buy It Now

Check out her eclectic-yet-cool collection! She has some really unique finds.

*Updated post to mention JeTaimeVintage now has a blog!*

Ethical Brogue shoes

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

As seen on fashion blogs fashionpeach and trenddoll, Oxford flats and Brogue shoes are hot to trot.

Wikipedia terminology of the brogue shoe

"often known as wingtips in the United States, are low-heeled shoes made of heavy leather, originating in Scotland and Ireland as a coarse, usually untanned leather shoe. The term wingtip derives from the toe cap pattern, which forms a W and resembles the profile of spreading bird wings"

An androgynous trend; oxfords and brogues are traditionally a men's country shoe, but can still look suprisingly feminine when matched with stockings, skinny jeans or leggings.

You would be looking at anywhere between £30 - £130 for a pair of new brogues on 'fast fashion' British online retailer

asos new brogues

However, I am not writing this post to endorse fast fashion, but to promote a more ethical way to keep in fashion. Brogues have traditionally been made with high quality English leather, therefore the likelihood is you will find a pair of vintage brogues in excellent condition.

A lucky thrifter scored a pair of 20+ year old Lloyd's Oxford shoes in High Street, Kew last month for just $10! She posted her find on I op therefore I am

Thrifted Lloyd oxford flats from Kew

I have my eye on a pair of Miu Miu leather lace up brogues on Starting bid @ $100, which is a lot of money for little me, but for designer shoes, they are a steal:

Mui Mui brogues on ebay

If time is not on your side when seeking second hand, consider buying ethically handmade brogues from goldenponies which sell handcrafted 100% leather brogues-oxfords made in Mexico:

goldenpondies two-tone oxfords/brogue flats

"Handcrafted bags and shoes, everything made in Mexico, with good quality and price, not everything well made had to be overpriced, is just fair trade"