Mornington Antique Centre

Sunday, May 30, 2010

One of my favourite things to do on a rainy Sunday is to take a trip to The Mornington Antique Centre on Tyabb Road.

I call this place the 'Antique Warehouse', and is one of the biggest treasure troves I've ever been luckily enough to find, all 60,000 square feet of it.

One can easily spend half a day browsing rows upon rows of furniture, memorabilia, toys, trunks, second hand and vintage clothes, paintings, cameras, old knitting patterns..and you might even find an old vintage car for sale (which was of most interest to my son)

Many traders within the centre sell vintage clothing and accessories, with some selling fairly recent second hand clothing labels. Here are some snap shots:

The Mornington Antique Centre is constantly changing due to the regular cycle of goodies that come and go. It is hard to leave such a mass of second hand delights without a purchase. I bought nothing this time, but there are two treasures I am deliberating on, and may go back during the week to see if they are still there.

The Mornington Antique Centre has to be seen to be believed. Please check it out of you happen to be visiting Melbourne's South East Peninsula.

Mornington Antique Centre
65 Tyabb Rd, Mornington (03) 5977 0155

Melbourne Op Shop Tour - Inner North

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I am back after a delightful day out with Melbourne Op Shop's Inner North North. Hosted by the friendly Jordi, a seasoned op shopper, with an eye for a fashion bargain.

The day starts at 11am in Newmarket, where we meet the rest of the group; Heidi from Townsville on a long weekend visit, twins from Cheltenham (brother and sister), and a Mother taking her two 15year old beautiful twins (two sisters) from Blackrock on a birthday treat. A coincidence that the majority of our group live on Melbourne's bayside, and two sets of Gemini twins on the same tour.

The good thing about Melbourne Op Shop Tours is the method of transport between shops; by foot, and public transport (trams), making our second hand shopping experience all the more eco-friendly.

Our first stop; Parish Bargain Shop provides us with a treasuretrove of recycled fashion delights. It is hard for Jodi to pry us away from this bargain op shop with a $1 rack, and two creatively (but economically) decorated changing rooms. So simple, yet effective - fashion magazine pages taped to the back wall:

Secondly, what op shop tour would be complete without a visit to a Salvos? We visited two on this tour, the first has a mezzanine floor for homeware goods and CDs. Picture below standing on the mezzanine floor looking down on the shop:

Our next stop takes us to our first Vintage shop; Martin Fella's vintage store with some gorgeous threads to be found. The buckles on these shoes had a Gullivers Travellers feel about them:

And I fell in love with this Italian lambs wool jumper @ $55

A lunch stop at a cafe where the sweet caramel aroma of roasted coffee reaches your nostrels from a few streets away. Time to reflect on purchases before the food arrives (wholesome food and lots of choice for vegetarians - hooray for me).

Our final three stops consist of two vintage stores and the second Salvos. 'Memoirs' vintage shop is small but beautiful. Here are some photographs taken from the store:

Our last stop at a vintage shop at Queen Vic Market stocks some classic all in one swimsuits:

So how was the day? Excellent! Although some may go with op shop prices in mind, and vintage store prices may be on the costly side, vintage stores do add a certain touch of glamour to the tour, and are still reasonably priced in comparison to the high street. Recycled fashions from past and present are guarenteed to be part of this shopping expedition, coupled with some great siteseeing along the way as most of the tour is done on foot. There are some delightful pattiseries and cafes worth a visit on another second hand shopping trip to North Melbourne and beyond. The tour would be perfect for new visitors to Melbourne, or for someone like myself, new to this area of Melbourne.

Well done to the Melbourne Op Shop Team for organising a fun, interesting and eco-friendly day out. There are two other shopping routes to check out, with more in the pipleline for anyone interested:

Melbourne Op Shop Tour list

Metallic Dresses

Friday, May 28, 2010

Recent celebrity gatherings appear to be attracting a metallic dress theme as seen on 'Last nights hit or miss' on

Sienna Miller @ Matthew Williamson and Belvedere Vodka party in London

Carrie Underwood @ American Idol finale

Diane Kruger @ National Movie Awards red carpet in London

Here are some second hand metallic dresses currently up for sale on ebay and ebid to recreate this look - who needs the high street?!


BNWT SASS Strapless METALLIC Silver Cocktail Dress 12
(currently $49.99 no bids, 2 days remaining RRP $350!)



(currently £13.99 AU24.48)

Vintage Rust Suede Shoes

I found a gorgeous pair of Vintage Rust Suede Shoes up for sale on eBay this morning:

Vintage "Djando & Juliette' Size 7. Current bid $30. Tempting:

Etsy store visit

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Etsy finds this week

The first two recycled products by Make-Do and Mend, refashioned adult clothing

“I aspire to (hopefully) fashionably reconstructed garments out of outdated but deservingly memorable clothing, and some that was perhaps never so. This age old tradition bore the slogan, "Make-Do and Mend," during the hard times of WWII. And though some of us may not now be feeling the scarcity that such times endured, I believe there is a wonderful opportunity to be creative with the luxury of leftover materials available to us.”

80's Bubble Skirt, Recycled Denim, Size US 8 – USD 56

Log cabin quilted minibag USD 28
(a collection of 8 little quilted box-purses. it was created using the log cabin quilting technique, with a mixture of organic, vintage and reclaimed cotton and silk fabrics)

Or how about a handmade recycled Vintage material wedding dress by amandarosebridal

“I am a textile artist with a love of all things antique and vintage..... I love finding creative ways to reuse material tossed to the side and create beautiful things....
Eco-fabulous is what you will find here in my shop.”

This particular dress in the photos was another of the Dresses featured in the May 'Eco-wedding' issue of Bride and Groom Magazine

Tattered Ranch Beach Wedding Similar dress - USD275

And lastly, how about a lovely vintage trench coat by

60'S/70'S Vintage – Peach Ultra Suede Trench/Shirtdress USD 35

Car Boot Sales

Car boot sales are well known across the UK, and are usually held in large car parks or fields, mainly in the summer. They might be considered big markets but with a difference; individual vendors sell their household goods, clothes, toys and the like out of the back of their cars. These days however, most sellers bring a fold away table to display their goods for sale.

A quote from Wikipedia:

"Car boot sales are a way of focussing a large group of people in one place to recycle still useful but unwanted domestic items that previously might have been thrown away"

In Australia we have the equivalent with Trash and Treasure markets, same concept, but just without the cars!

Boot sales are fabulous for second hand household items, but clothes and accessories are always for sale, with some real bargains to be found. I’ve been searching through my wardrobe to find previous boot sale clothing merchandise; can’t find anything as it’s been so long. However, my favourite ever boot sale purchase is this oil painting I picked up at Brighton’s Sunday Car Boot sale in the UK which sits proudly in my kitchen. I bargained with the seller, £5 down to £3. It has been shipped in cargo from the UK to Australia, and still remains in tact. I don’t know where the painting is from, but looks obviously Mediterranean; Italy perhaps? Recycled fashion doesn’t have to stop at clothes and accessories; so this is my little piece of recycled home-ware

A website worth noting for those based in, or going to the UK Your Booty a car boot sales Directory.

Sheepskin for $40

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sydneysider friend Mikey sent me a text this week "Oh my god, bought an ahhmaaazing sheepskin coat for $40 in Vinnies today". And here it is:

Anyone that used to follow 80's TV Sitcom Show 'Only Fools and Horses' will appreciate this is a true 'Dell Boy' coat. Great purchase for winter. Well done Mikey.

Purchase from: St Vincent De Paul - Cronulla 45 Gerrale St, Cronulla NSW 2230, (02) 9523 1438

eBay dress 99p

I have a wedding to go to in July. As usual I have nothing to wear! No success with dresses in recent op shop hunts, so instead I have been browsing eBay.

I bid on a Topshop dress on eBay UK for £0.99p last week, and won the auction! I am thrilled, because todays post arrived from my Mum in England, and in the envelope - the Topshop dress. It is stunning and fits me perfectly, has an almost vintage look about it with the white lace trim sleeves and neckline. I am considering matching up the dress with red accessories; red shoes, jacket (possibly big red coat purchase from Salvos last week if its really cold) and red bag. I dont have a red bag though, so might need to go 'opping for that.

Here is my beloved new dress:

Lookbook; fashion diaries

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A friend introduced me to a site called Lookbook today. “The internet's largest source of fashion inspiration from real people around the world”

“A lookbook is a collection of photographs compiled to show off a model, a photographer, a style, or a clothing line. It is an especially popular term with "fashion bloggers"”

Sounds right up my alley, and indeed it is. Beautiful photographs, fabulous fashion, and innovative style. Here are some recent additions to the site:

Has this given you a taste for more? If so, click here for a direct link to Look Book

Perhaps we could showcase some Recycled Fashion outfits on Lookbook in the future.

Resisting the urge to buy

Readers, I found a jacket today from Salvos in Mordialloc. However, for the first time in many, many months, I actually resisted the urge to buy. How often do you find blue leather jackets? Well that is the colour of said jacket; dark blue and cropped. I took some photographs of jacket in the changing room mirror;

Why didn't I buy it? - The price tag, although op shop, was still a hefty $50, so not a spare change kind of purchase. Have to reason with myself; can't buy everything I like on second hand hunts. Can't stop thinking about that jacket though....

UK Supermarket Giant Selling Recycled Clothing

Monday, May 24, 2010

You know the days when you go to the supermarket to buy a pint of milk, and end up with a basket full of other things you didn’t realise you need? Well how about this; your dash to the supermarket ends with an unexpected purchase, a sustainably fashioned dress!

An article in The UK’s Guardian newspaper tells the news of Supermarket Giant Tesco entering into the Recycled Clothing genre with their Florence & Fred ‘From Somewhere’ label.

Six pieces designed for the collection are made with end of line Tesco stock which would otherwise end up in landfill, and are being produced in an environmentally-friendly factory in Sri Lanka.

“Tesco's plan is to recycle waste within its own supply chain while still keeping its fashion credentials”

“The collection itself is true to From Somewhere's signature look, with body-con shapes and bright colours that will appeal to the teenage and twentysomething market. The prices, which start at £16, are attractive too”

In a separate article written London’s The Metro, a quote from the ‘From Somewhere’ designer:

“Designer Orsola De Castro of From Somewhere said ‘My aim has always been to make reclaiming and upcycling widely available. The collection for Tesco looks at shapes that are flattering, can take you from day to evening and are comfortably and beautifully cut.”

Interesting times now that giant retailers (and not just clothing retail, but Supermarket retail!) are now entering the ethical and recycled fashion field. The range is available exclusively online at Here are three dresses from the range:

Melbourne Op Shop Tours

This Saturday I am very excited to be checking out Melbourne’s ‘Inner North’ Op Shop tour, commencing 11am in Kensington. Some quotes from our Melbourne Op Shop Tour hosts:

“Melbourne Op Shop Tours offers you the most stylish and sustainable of adventures through Melbourne’s second-hand wonderlands”

“Our tour guides – all expert op shoppers – will show you the best op shops, second-hand boutiques and vintage stores around and help you style your find.”

“Tour groups are kept nice and small to make sure everyone has a chance to pick up some fabulous bargains without having to resort to fighting their fellow op shoppers.”

Tours are $35, and take approximately 4 – 5 hours and generally visiting between 6 – 8 stores. All tours are run sustainably on public transport.

There are still some vacancies available on this Saturday’s ‘Inner North’ Op Shop Tour, so if anyone in Melbourne would like to come along for a second hand shopping hunt you can register your interest here:

Melbourne Op Shop Tours

If this Saturday is too short notice, there are two more dates for your diaries: Saturday Jun 12 (Brunswick), and Saturday Jun 26 (Inner West).

The Melbourne Op Shop Tours Team are also in the process of spreading some op shopping love to Perth and Sydney – follow their twitter/facebook group for updates:

Melbourne Op Shop Tours Facebook Group

Melbourne Op Shop Tours Twitter

Boutique Op Shops

I took a visit to Brunswick yesterday and popped into the new Red Cross ‘Boutique’ op shop as mentioned in a previous post. The cute little store has a big ‘316’ as the shop signage (no Red Cross placard), and sells only accessories; belts, shoes, bags and jewellery. The surprise with this store, and others popping up around the country; everything sold is new, not donated goods, but the money taken is still utilised for Red Cross’s charitable purposes.

However more charity shops are boutique-ing themselves in a stylish upmarket fashion. New clothes are purchased from high street retailers’ end of season range, as well as donations from designers and private boutiques

The change in op shop focus it seems is to appeal to a broader set of customers in the competitive consumer market.

As article in Queensland’s Couriermail speaks of the following bargains found on the opening day in Endeavour Foundation's newest flagship boutique on the Gold Coast:

“Treuse cocktail dress which was $269 last season was being sold for $99.95, with original price tags still attached.

There was also a Mooloola maxi dress (rrp $129.95) for $19.95 and a Roxi maxi dress (rrp $149.95) for $24.95”

And a fabulous deal found in Endeavour Foundation in Paddington, NSW; “Fendi black-and-silver sandals with kitten heels (rrp up to $800) $109.95”

Full article:

Op Shop boutiques to be found around the country:

Endeavour Foundation Mooloolaba
Mooloolaba Shop 2 / 121A Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba QLD 4557, (07) 5444 5249

Endeavour Foundation Maleny
6/39 Maple St, Maleny QLD 4552 (07) 5494 3085

Endeavour Foundation Paddington
29-31 Latrobe Tce, Paddington QLD 4064 (07) 3367 1377

Red Cross Surfers Paradise - The Boulevard
The Boulevard, Surfer's Paradise QLD 4217, (07) 5504 5105

Red Cross Coolangatta
Shop 3, 86 Bulcock Street, Caloundra QLD 4551, (07) 5438 1422

Red Cross Fitzroy
316 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy VIC (03) 9419 3746

Lifeline Caloundra
68 Bulcock St, Caloundra QLD 4551, (07) 5491 4531

Will I be shopping in any of these new upmarket boutiques? Maybe I’ll browse when in the area, but for me op shopping is all about wading through racks of threads for the thrill of finding a one off pre-owned piece, in true treasure hunt style, so I’ll be sticking to the traditional op shops.

'Virtual' Recycled Fashion Show

I am very excited to provide Recycled Fashion blog readers with our first virtual Recycled Fashion Show, modelled by my dear Sydneysider friends Mikey and Joey. All purchases were made in just one day; what a mighty fine Saturday second hand shopping spree:

Faux Sheepskin Gilet. $15
St Vincent De Paul Op Shop: 187 King St, Newtown, NSW, 2042 (02) 95571996

Blue flannel shirt $12
St Vincent De Paul Op Shop: 187 King St, Newtown, NSW, 2042 (02) 95571996

Girls Blazer $10
St Vincent De Paul Op Shop: 187 King St, Newtown, NSW, 2042 (02) 95571996

Emereld green, bat winged 80's polo shirt. $20
SCRAGGS House of Fashion Vintage Store, 551e King St, Newtown, NSW, 2042 (02) 9550 4654

Knitted wool wrap jumper. $30
SCRAGGS House of Fashion Vintage Store, 551e King St, Newtown, NSW, 2042 (02) 9550 4654

Customised Army Coat. $15
Bondi garage sale

Girls "Henry Holland" style t-shirt. $5
St Vincent De Paul Op Shop: 187 King St, Newtown, NSW, 2042 (02) 95571996