DIY Beaded sandals

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Some time ago, I fell in love with a pair of beaded sandals, much like these flats from Betts shoes current summer range:

Retailing at $89 brand new

Rather than buy new, I thought I could try to create my own beaded sandals. I used a pair of gladiator sandals that have been sitting in my wardrobe for well over a year. Roman sandals may not be the current trend, but they'll do ...

Firstly, I used a cheap brown shoe polish to give the sandals an off-white appearance..

A necklace purchased for $5 from Savers, cutting one strand to release the beads, and hand stitching them onto the ankle straps with clear thread:

And that's it!

I'm pleased to say I didn't have to completely distroy the beaded necklace, only cutting one strand out of three meant it stayed intact. Hooray!

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Michelle L. said...

Hi, Erica Louise! How incredibly cute are these sandals??? Love them. Thanks for coming to visit my blog. Nice to meet you!

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