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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Once there was a skirt, with many pretty buttons

I saw it in an op shop, for $1.25; next to nothin'

Black and a-line,
with every little button, vintage in design

A bargain skirt I must admit,
and now it is all mine, mine, mine

Psst. ..come and join me on the last Melbourne Op Shop Tour of the year on Saturday 11th December, and do your Christmas shopping the sustainable way!


Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

Great buttons! Will even outlive the skirt :)

Unknown said...

Gorgeous buttons and cute skirt! The money you paid was definitely a steal and well spent!

The SPANGLER said...

Hi! I just happened across your blog and wanted say that I love it...
I am fairly new to the world of blogging but if you get a chance come by and check it out... I love op shop finds that can be recreated into something special...
Keep up the great work!!!
Oh... and fantastic buttons :)

Unknown said...

Spangler - Thank you, I will visit your blog later today =)

Something Else said...

Wow. Opshops in Melbourne are so cheap! And that skirt is just the shape of a pattern I got the other day to make some summer skirts... Cute buttons too. Hoorah.

hed said...
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hed said...

I'm such a dork-I thought you had bought a black AND white version-until I realized you inverted the negative!

Hey, something is waiting for you over at my blog!


JeTaimeVintage said...

That shell button is so cute! Such a great buy-do you think that would buy you a single button new?

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