Owls have landed

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Good afternoon bloggers! Do you remember my request to the winners of my necktie owl giveaway - to email photographs back to me showing the little owls in their new nests? The first owls have landed in Western Australia! Vanessa over at the The Clip Cafe Blog, has found some delightful places to put her paisley necktie owls, thank you Vanessa!:

Now where did all the other owls go? We'll have to wait and see..


hed said...

You should create a thing where you send an owl to a blogger, they take a cool picture with the owl and send it on. Just a cute idea!

Hed hed down under

Unknown said...

Hed - love this - will do it! You'll be my first recipient. I'll make one within the week and send it to you, cool!

hed said...

OOh yay! If I get it before the 28th I can take it with me to Maggie Island! Who wants to be #2?

Hed hed down under

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