Mens shirt to tunic top and boys pants

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Here is another half price garment I purchased from Salvos, a mens shirt. I saw it the week before I bought it, labelled with a yellow tag at $5. I loved the print, but decided not to buy it. However, the following week, all yellow tags were half price, and with the shirt still for sale, how could I resist it this time?

It was (past tense because it is no longer) a completely reversable shirt, it could be worn with the green floral print on the outside, or inside, with buttons on each side.

I cut off the sleeves to make a tunic top for myself. It wasnt intentionally going to be a tunic top, I was going to make it into a cap sleeve shirt, but liked how it looked with a belt with the length remaining:

And the good thing about keeping the length - I can also tie the bottom of the tunic top at the front for a different look:

Nothing goes to waste in this house, the shirt sleeves I used to make a pair of trousers (pants) for my little boy. It is cool that I can fold up the cuffs on the bottom of the trousers, or leave them down:

And I still have a little bit of fabric left over from the top of the sleeves which I could use for cap sleeves for my top if I decide to later. I'm glad I bought this shirt for $2.50!


Simplastic said...

Wow, I love those pants and we have so many mens shirts wasted in our house. I might have to try that one.

Unknown said...

Thanks for commenting Sim. Try it out! There are some tutorials for making boys pants from shirt sleeves online, but I can't find them now, the key is to make the crotch long enough to hold a nappy (if your child is in nappies) I made that mistake with these, and they keep falling half way down the back of his nappy, but they're fine for around the house/beach, and maybe when he is out of nappies!

pippi said...

LOVE the pants Erica! I had thesame issue the first time i made them too, but just found another bit of contrasting fabric,and sewed it around the waist, and used it as the bit the elastic went into.

Love that material.

Unknown said...

Thnx Pippi, actually I tried the pants idea because you told me about it! I'll have a go at sewing another piece of fabric to the waist to make it longer at the top - thanks again =)

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