Cheese grating and patching the old denim shorts!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I initially purchased these shorts for 50c in the childrens 'bucket' at the back of my local op shop last summer. This is not the first time I've thrifted adult clothing in the kids 'department'! They've had a lot of wear out of them in the past year, but I got bored with them, so time for a face lift.

Cheap, but boring

An easy refashion, I picked out a few shiny buttons from my sewing kit to sew around the pockets, I cut off the turn ups, and used the cheese grater (!!) to rough them up a bit

Hope not to find bits of denim in my cheese sandwich next time!

And lastly, added some tie fabric for patches, including this delightful polyester coca cola necktie I got for $1 from the Family Life op shop in Cheltenham. I don't even drink the stuff, but thought the tie was pretty cool! I will be using the rest of the coca cola fabric for another project in the future.

A new lease of life for the 50c pair of shorts this summer...

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