Introducing Winkie - Reworked Vintage Dresses

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

On my last visit to Round She Goes market, one particular stall grabbed my attention. The seller, Winkie clothing, sells frumpy old granny dresses that have been transformed into pretty modern weareable styles, retaining their gorgeous fabrics, prints, and as much of the original detailing such as buttons, pleats etc. Take a look at some of these beauties

A little history about Winkie...founded by a husband and wife team, they have been wholesaling dresses to shops since July 2009. They started selling creations occassionally at Camberwell market, which did well, so now Winkie clothing is wholesaled to shops, and stockists are increasing all the time. There are currently stockists in VIC, NSW, QLD and now WA, with a few markets on the side.

"Girls and women alike love the one-of-a-kind nature and gorgeous unique prints & textures of the fabrics (which is what I fell in love with a while back)" Speaks Jennifer Chan of Winkie clothing.

If you'd like to check out some of Winkie designs for yourself, the next market stall will be at Take 2 Markets at Hawthorn Town Hall on 28th Nov, and Winkie's facebook page lists current retail venues around Australia which stock these wonderful reworked vintage designs.


else seven said...

Gorgeous! Man - I miss home....all the fab opshops, one-off boutiques markets, indie designers...

hed said...

Those are so pretty! Thursday we are taking a trip into Townsville (the city! LOL), and I am going to try and find some good shops to scavenge through...then send you them to fix them all up ha ha :) Hed hed down under

Unknown said...

Hed - wow you really are in whoop whoop huh? You'll have to let me know what Townsville op shops are like :)

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