The Fashion MacGyver Strikes Again

Friday, October 8, 2010

A blogger by the name of Hed, writes about her life transported from California to North Queensland. I always look forward to reading her blog posts.  Hed also reads Recycled Fashion, and has awarded me with a Lovely Blog Award, which is.. well, really lovely!.   Not only that, but she has given me a new nickname The Fashion MacGyver because I "something out of anything!" 

I'll gladly take that name thank you Hed, and so herewith a summer hat refashion.  I found a white hat from a local Parish op shop for $1:

:: Pretty plain, but a nice shape ::

It needed a little something around the middle of the hat. I've been working on a little project with mens neckties, hence why I've got a fair amount of necktie fabric lying around. (I'll let you all know about the necktie project on Monday). I thought this particular necktie fabric would be great for a bit of interest on my thrifted hat.

I measured the circumference of the hat and cut, ironed, stitched a rectangular shape.  I've hand stitched lightly to the outside of the hat. To finish off the join on the necktie fabric, I used a spare embroidered flower, leftover from my Gap Jacket Refashion.

Here it is:

Mr Recycled says I look like Michael Jackson.   I can't see the resemblance, and would rather stick to Fashion MacGyver ;)


hed said...

See it's true! :P Hed hed down under

MooBear Designs said...

Your owls look very familiar... Harry's Desk much??

xo Steph

Unknown said...

Well spotted Steph!! Thats the little project I've been working on ;) x

nicole said...

i love the matching brooch!!

The Redgewells said...

another brill idea, wheres mine? (-:

Miss Vicki said...

Awesome your creativity :)

Anonymous said...

Very MacGyverish.... wish I had that nickname.
Great refashion Erica!
Ally <'v'>

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